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tsurrie's 2023 glog

Here we go again...

In fall, I got some seeds from SineNomine and decided to try and grow all of them and also a few from my previous season.
PaulG also sent me seeds but the envelope stuck somewhere on the way. A shame for those nice seeds but let's hope they are growing somewhere else :)

Planted them on 2nd Feb.

Here's the list:
Tasmanian Black (from PaulG via SineNomine)
Trippaul Threat (from PaulG via SineNomine)
Purple Thunder (from PaulG via SineNomine)
Pimienta Puta la madre (from SineNomine)
Papa Joe's Scotch Bonnet (from SineNomine)
Papa Dreadie Scotch Bonnet (from SineNomine)
Fatalii (from SineNomine)
Aji Jobito (from SineNomine)

Red Savina Habanero (s. 2022)
Chocolate Habanero (s. 2021)
Calita Red Habanero (s. 2022)
Caribbean Red Habanero (s. 2021)

Today I checked on them and noticed some hooks, so I started the glog for the season.
The winner of this year contestants is Pimienta followed by Fatalii.

group photo



So, thank you Vivian and Paul and here's to another great season :cheers:
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Off to the races, Uros!

Sorry my envelope was waylaid,
maybe it will still show up after all.
Nobody's fault, it just happens with the post sometimes. Like I said, maybe there is someone out there growing those :)
Thank you anyway though.

Nice one tsurrie :thumbsup:

Season is go!

Just a quick report. All of the seeds sprouted except for Purple Thunder, which I resowed just earlier after transplanting the seedlings to solo pots. Also resowed a few Papa Dreadie's, because they seemed very small. I hope they'll pick it up now.

You were right. They're just ok and ready to grow.
Those are the chosen ones - the main troopers for the season


Aji Jobito, Chocolate Habanero, Fatalii, Calita Red Habanero, Red Habanero, Papa Joe's Scotch Bonnet, Papa Dreaddie Scotch Bonnet, Trippaul Threat, 2x Red Savina Habanero (not in that order)

Pimiente (p.l.m.) and two Cherry bombs in the right pot (for pickling purposes probably)

And those are the backup. Will plant a few more and some are going to friends and family. Those remaining Papa Dreadie's are smaller but I think when transplanted, they'll grow for sure.
Very nice healthy-looking leaves on all those main troopers! Great that you've reached plant-out. I'm looking forward to that soon.
Thank you Cane, I'm glad they turned ok and the weather this week is just right, partly sun and cloudy, but it would be good if it got just a little bit warmer.
I'm wishing you a great plant out asap.
Just a little update on the plants in pots. Lot's of rain over the last two weeks, but luckily these are on the balcony and against the wall, so they are partially protected but I have to water them every two to three days.

Had a problem with aphids on some of them, but that has passed. Spraying them with some neem solution helped and also squished them with my fingers beforehand.

Calita Red Habanero


Papa Dreadie

Papa Joe's

Red Habanero

Red Savina Habanero

Trippaul Threat

Also have some annums and another Papa Dreadie under the balcony, but no pictures yet.
Thanks for stopping by :)
Chinenses all looking good, @tsurrie. Really liking the
Trippaul Threat, looks like it is growing true to form.
Good to know Paul. Hoping to see some pods forming soon.

@tsurrie, your plants look perfect. Congratulations!
I remember those 3-4 flowers on the fork at Papa Dreadie SB and Papa Joe's SB.
Thank you. I hope some more branches will form on both of them. A lot of flowers dropped already, because of the heat during the day I think. But I guess that happens every year at this time.
A little update after a while. Just finished dinner with a little habanero so the timing is right to post some pics from this evening, while the burning slowly fades away.

This one is from yesterday, when I thought I can finally try my first Papa Dreadie. But someone uninvited showed up from inside.

Aji Jobito

Calita Red Habanero


Papa Dreadie

Papa Joe

Red Habanero

Red Savina Habanero

Trippaul Threat


a handful of ripe habaneros

The garden is not as fine as the pots - we had a massive rain fall last week (there were also floods in most of our country). So a lot of rain, morning fog, and so on... caused the tomatoes to turn black and we have only a few left. But that is really nothing compared to damage floods caused at some cities.
A new update - first bigger harvest planned for coming weekend. Mostly classic red habaneros they seem to ripe faster.


Aji Jobito
aji jobito.jpg

Red Savina
red savina.jpg

Calita Red - nothing red yet :confused:
calita red.jpg

Chocolate habanero
chocolate habanero.jpg

Red Habanero
red habanero.jpg

Papa Joe's Scotch Bonnet
papa joes.jpg

Papa Dreadie Scotch Bonnet

Tried my first Papa Dreadie and I like it a lot. Picked this one last week. Just enough heat and mild fruity taste. Will grow them next season for sure.
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