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tsurrie's 2024 glog


Let's play. I will not grow much more peppers this season than last one, but it's going to be fun like always :) Let's hope for a decent grow. Last year was pretty good even with just 10 main plants - mostly habaneros. They are my favorite and they will play the main part in this season grow also.

Current status: (sowed two weeks ago)

Most of them sprouted and soon they will need to be transplanted in solo pots.

- Cherry bomb
- Pimienta (PLM)
- Kapija (paprika)
- another red bell pepper variety

- Aji Jobito
- Purple Thunder
- Scotch Bonnet Papa Dreadie
- Scotch Bonnet Papa Joe's
- Scotch Bonnet MoA (from 2021 - hoping for some sprouts)
- Fatalii
- Red Savina Habanero
- Calita Red Habanero
- Chocolate Habanero (one pot with older seeds still no sprouts, the other one from last year's seeds very much alive)
Nuke um all!


I checked daily and picked about one to three a day. But they hide in the soil around the plant so if you gently go through the upper soil in the pot you'll slowly get most of them out. Each day for a good week or two... I bet there was around 20 caterpillars overall and I'm still checking when I water them.