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Turtle Shrinkage

Set up - Years ago, young nephew was in a kiddie pool late in the season.  His grandmother commented, you will freeze your peeper off.  He looked in his swimming trunks and said: "Naw, its just hiding".  Wife was there to hear the comment and it is one of the family stories now.

Tonight, years after that family moment was recorded in everyones memory.  Daughter wigged when she saw that her turtle was in its shell.  Bugs T. Turtle has been with her for three years.  He very rarely goes inside his shell.  So she picks him up to make sure he is OK and announces: "He is just hiding"

Wife laughed so hard she cried.  Daughter (11) had never heard the family joke, had no idea what it meant.  Before wife could explain, son (9) explained shrinkage to her.  I just sat on the couch and laughed and laughed.
Reminded me of when I was called into daughter's principles office.  I think she was in first grade at the time.  People were talking sex on the bus and she accurately corrected them, describing doggy style sex.  Principle wanted to know how she knew so much about sex.  I explained that at the right time of the year, she can look out the kitchen window and see it.  Principle's jaw hit the desk before I realized she did not understand we lived on a farm.
Shared because it's all funny.  But kind of a serious topic too.  We are going the open and honest route with our kids.  It was my wife's idea, but when you got randy animals out back it does seem the only route.  Curious to know what other people's thoughts are on the topic?