yield Typical pod yield for Bhut Jolokia

Hey ya'll,

What is the typical pod yield for a container grown Bhuty Joe?

I have over 40 Pods in every stage of growth on my single plant and was wondering if I should cull the herd or leave them alone and let nature take its course.
Just let nature take its course. The amount of pods greatly depends on the size of the plant and how early it was started.
Potawie is spot on off course..Try overwintering any bhutts or nagas as they reward you with more and more pods next year ;)
My first experience with the Bhut's have been grown under lights, plants grew about 4 feet tall, had about 20 pods max. Only ever saw 2 flowers growing out of the one spot.

Since putting these plants outside, and even in mild temperatures (I'm talking 15C max during the day, 5C during the night), I'm now seeing a crapload more flowers forming. Compare that to my Red Savinas that really look to be struggling right now and will probably shut up shop until the temperature starts climbing.

Im starting to think the Bhut's are a little more hardy than expected.
chuk hell said:
40 pods sounds like an excellent yield. Congrats!

Thanks all... More pods noticed today so I'm probally closer to 45-50 ish. Now I'm hoping that the plant can support all that growth. Magicrop Seaweed food on the way .