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Uknow 2021. It's been a while...

Hey all!

Took a while off from posting and didn't grow anything at all last year, sadly. Decided to get something going this year, albeit a lot smaller than my usual grows. Only started 40 plants (double seeds so 80 total) this year on February 25th. Started them in 3.5" pots instead of cells, I figure since im way behind my usual start date of early January, the extra room will help them grow faster and I won't have to transplant them right away.

Currently remodeling the house so I had to downsize my setup to make it easier to move around as needed (going to be starting drywall soon).

Seeds and varieties this year are all from my 2017 & 2018 seasons (didn't save any from my 2019 grow) and other members. Some from Genitix, Jedi Sushi and one or two other people, apologize I can't remember all the names offhand.

So, as I mentioned, these were planted 2/25, here we go!

Grow list...


Edit: The abbreviations on the varieties are as follows:

BT - seeds originally came from Butch Taylor

OW - seeds were from one of my overwintered plants, so the parent plant was true at the time.

Op - seeds came from an Open Pollinated pod

ISO- seeds came from a pod I managed to isolate (I use the wood glue method, gluing the flower shut right before it's about to open)

OG - seeds left from the original batch of seeds I was gifted from other members.

New setup...







I'll be starting some Jalapenos and Bell peppers along with tomato's, cucumbers and onions mid March, about 2 weeks.

Hopefully I can make time to post regular updates again.

It's good to be back!


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Got the PH tester all calibrated today. My normal faucet water is around 7.82 which could/likely explains some the issues I've had in the past with plants having nutrient deficiencies since that PH range is too high for uptake of most nutrients.

I do have a small 3 gallon under sink R.O. system that we use for drinking water and cooking, that tested around 6.47 which is about perfect for most nutrients to be absorbed.

I'll probably get a soil PH tester at some point also, but this is a good start in the right direction. I have some PH up and down that was supposed to be here today but was delayed due to all the logistics backups due to the storms that rolled through the Midwest a couple weeks ago. Hopefully it shows up this week. If not, I can find some locally too. I'll just use the R.O. water for the time being.
Quick update. It's been 17 days since seeds hit the dirt. Everything is going well so far. Just R.O. water and light so far. This weekend I separated all the doubles and gave the extras away. Going to start feeding them a diluted mixture of nutes with the next watering later this week. I also got the bottom row of lights up and running, had to move my power strip since the lower lights wouldn't reach without moving it or adding another extension cord which I didn't want to do.

I had some Aji Pineapple seeds I tossed in a bowl of dirt last fall and put in the window at work and they germinated. They were falling all over so I brought them home, separated them and potted them up.



Quick update, decided to expand my grow setup a little bit for more space. Bought a 24"x48"x72" wire rack shelf and boxed it in with 1/4" plywood and self tappers. Used some spray adhesive to glue the Mylar to the sheets of plywood. Had to use some 1" strips of 1/2" plywood on the sides to space the side panels out a bit since the shop lights are closer to 49" long.

Used my 3 AC Infinity fans for exhaust fans on top, left the bottom rack open as an air intake. Not sure how I'm going to hang the door yet, might cut it in half and do split doors or maybe just velcro it on with heavy duty velcro... I got a few ideas. I need to figure out a way to put some castors on the bottom to make it mobile.

Plants are doing well also, no updated pics of them though, I'll have to take some tonight.






Great grow space[SIZE=11.666666030883789px], Troy. Nice[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11.666666030883789px]repurposing of the shelf unit.[/SIZE]
Update time! Finally finished the grow cabinet and got all the wiring cleaned up.

Plants are coming along nicely also. Been watering them when dry/the pot is light which is currently around every other day, with a 50/50 mix of my tap water and R.O. water PH'd to around 6.3-6.5 with 2ml/gal of Cal-Mag and 10ml/gal of CNS17 Grow.






Some of the lanky ones from my office are doing better now that they are in the grow cabinet. The older growth looks rough, (cats also took a few nips) but the new growth is all looking good:


Bonus Cacti pic:


Thanks for stopping by! Hope everyone is having a great grow so far!
U)<now said:
Thanks! It worked out better than I expected. Need to build a frame under it to bolt some castor wheels to be able to wheel it around once I start drywalling.
Very professional job, my friend. Wiring looks superb!
Hey all,

I did some hardcore defoliation today to improve airflow in the grow box. Also topped the Aji Pineapple plants since they get so tall so fast. I'm also hoping they will produce more being topped, we'll see what happens. They look a little rough right now but they'll bounce back fast.

Hope everyone else is having a great season, judging by your glog's it's looking good!

Thanks for stopping by!


Bit of a before pic...


And after...





And my Tomatoes, Jalapeno's and Bell peppers...


I also revamped the set-up a bit and added real exhaust fan and filter setup. AC Infinity Cloudline T4 (4") with Terrabloom 4" x 16" carbon filter.




CaneDog said:
Looking at the lateral growth on your chinense and baccatum I bet it won't be long 'till they're crowding up that space again.  :)
When's plant out up in the U.P., eh?
Usually last week of May or first week of June. Might be able to get them out a bit earlier this year with the warmer weather we've been having.
Really digging the pro quality installation, Troy!
our grow box is awesome, and your starts look
great. That's quite a pile of clippings!
Hey all, it's been a hot minute, time for an update.

Plants are doing well, albeit a bit smaller than usual due to keeping them in the 3" pots the whole time. I ran out of space as usual, so I wasn't able to put them into larger pots. I gave away my extras about a month or so ago.

My son helped me clean up the garden area and I started transplanting them on Thursday night. Ran out of 5 gal+ pots, so I need to go buy some more buckets and get drilling.



Kramer said:
I see you too are a cable management enthusiast  ;)  Takes me back to my computer building days..  Super clean man.  Cool looking cacti too.
Haha, yeah I'm a bit OCD so I love doing cable management. I'm also into PC building and gaming. Just built my middle child his first gaming PC this past Christmas. Man was it hell to get a GPU but I ended up getting lucky like 2 weeks before Christmas! Cacti are another hobby as you can see. I have way to many hobbies! [emoji1787]
I really like your shrub tub containers.
Great size and easy to handle.
All looking good there, buddy!