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Uknow 2021. It's been a while...

Hey all!

Took a while off from posting and didn't grow anything at all last year, sadly. Decided to get something going this year, albeit a lot smaller than my usual grows. Only started 40 plants (double seeds so 80 total) this year on February 25th. Started them in 3.5" pots instead of cells, I figure since im way behind my usual start date of early January, the extra room will help them grow faster and I won't have to transplant them right away.

Currently remodeling the house so I had to downsize my setup to make it easier to move around as needed (going to be starting drywall soon).

Seeds and varieties this year are all from my 2017 & 2018 seasons (didn't save any from my 2019 grow) and other members. Some from Genitix, Jedi Sushi and one or two other people, apologize I can't remember all the names offhand.

So, as I mentioned, these were planted 2/25, here we go!

Grow list...


Edit: The abbreviations on the varieties are as follows:

BT - seeds originally came from Butch Taylor

OW - seeds were from one of my overwintered plants, so the parent plant was true at the time.

Op - seeds came from an Open Pollinated pod

ISO- seeds came from a pod I managed to isolate (I use the wood glue method, gluing the flower shut right before it's about to open)

OG - seeds left from the original batch of seeds I was gifted from other members.

New setup...







I'll be starting some Jalapenos and Bell peppers along with tomato's, cucumbers and onions mid March, about 2 weeks.

Hopefully I can make time to post regular updates again.

It's good to be back!


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PaulG said:
I really like your shrub tub containers.
Great size and easy to handle.
All looking good there, buddy!

Recently ran into an issue about 2 weeks ago or so with my peppers and tomatoes both showing deformed growth, was worried it was herbicide drift from a neighbor, but the new growth is looking better now. I think it might have been heat stress and low water stress. Was on vacation for about 10 days and it got really hot at home, about a week of 90+ with my plant sitter only checking every other day or so. Hopefully that's all it was. They never dropped any flowers or fruit that has already set, so I think they'll be ok.

Here is how they were looking. I don't have updated pics of the fresh growth yet.




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With your mad skills and TLC, those babies will be humming along soon!