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Urine burn

That usually only happens to me if I've had a beer or two while eating a lot of superhot caliber food. I attribute that to the fact that capsaicin is alcohol soluble so it gets transported to the bladder instead of the large intestines.

ahhhhhhh so that is why. well a little urine burn is going to make me stop drinking beer after peppers.
Yeah, this happens to me rarely when I eat a lot of hot food. I guess I start peeing out the capsaicin. I thought this was very odd. Glad it happens to other people, lol.
Had it happen yrs ago the morning after a spicy meal and it happened last night (went into pittsburgh to the prince of india restuarant and I gave him the speech: MAKE IT HOT). It was not that hot, but I had a burn pee last night.
I eat a lot of very spicy food and I never get ring sting either. Im lucky.

Me too. :dance:

Maybe an odd uncomfortable sensation from time to time when I've been going really hard on the heat... (mild ring sting??)

Same with the front... a mild sort of deal from time to time.
Never had flaming pee, but the ring of fire is unfortunately a common enough occurance. I had a particularly bad situation once after a night of quite a few drinks at one of my buddy's. I came home a bit under the weather and devoured some leftovers doused in a stupid amount of homemade hot sauce.

I had an 8am meeting the next day with my new boss, and at 7:30 I was in the work bathroom digging my fingernails into my thighs. I remember leaving and hoping that I could stand up during the meeting, because it hurt too much to sit down. Meeting turned out fine, and I'd do it again.