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Variegated Jalapeno Grow Log

So a couple years back when I was working on a commercial grow for a greenhouse I spotted this guy when I was sorting through a few dozen of our Jalapenos in 512 cell trays.  It wasn't likely to be a cross, as the seeds came from isolated seed stock from a company that only sells to nurseries. None of the other plants we had ended up looking like this. I was keeping a close eye on them.  We didn't offer any variegated peppers there at the time, so I had a hunch it was something special.  I took it home with me and tossed it in a SOLO cup.  

Where I found him:

A bit later on that season I snapped a few more pics of the plant.  

I waited for the pods to ripen and saved seeds, hoping for good things.   They took a long time to ripen and were quite corked.  Unfortunate that I didn't think to take better photos at the time:

Shortly afterwards I started some of those seeds and these guys turned up:

This is about as far as I managed with them, as I moved three hours away and started a new job.  Many of my plants were severely neglected for a span of a few months and all but one of them kicked the bucket.  I'm happy that I sent out seeds for these to several folks (who did have success with them!) and I am starting to grow some more thanks to Paul G and Chris Phillips. 

That's where I am right now!  Hopefully Canedog, Paul and Chris will chime in with their experience growing them.



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Really pulling for you on that one, CC.
One of the most unusual plants I've seen!
Maybe a little Silica fertilizer of some kind
might help it hang on to those flowers.


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That one was another cross from Matt's F2 seeds, Mattapeno x Mutant. Have one that's filiform and one that isn't. They are on go-slow right now as they are sulking without heating in my shed.
That did seem like a lot of variation from the Mattapeno alone, but you never really know with that one. I've had some cool Mattepenos with white/purple/green mixes in the foliage and pods, but nothing remotely approaching that level.