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pics Various Candlelight Mutant Phenotypes (Photos)

Hi all, I am new to THP and would like to share a small project I'm currently working on. I'm particularly interested in the various Candlelight Mutant phenotypes and what types of expression can be observed with it. I wanted to share a few photos of some seedlings I am working with (all fairly young, less than 3 months old).

I'm familiar with the lineage behind this mutant and all the historical posts on it (here and a few scattered elsewhere). What I'm interested in is really narrowing in on what is happening with this mutation, and in researching this I ran into a research paper that maps the various gene expressions in Capsicum called "The Genes of Capsicum (Wang, Bosland)" (1)

In this paper, there is reference to two genes that seem to be of interest here, both of which are described as "filiform" and "threadlike." I believe these are the closest match to what is being expressed by Candlelight Mutant. The paper notes female sterility, but as we know from experience this mutant can and does form fruit, including fruits with seeds.


(1) The Genes of Capsicum (Wang, Bosland)

Here is an Imgur gallery of several Candlelight Mutant plants I'm currently working with:
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That's very nice bonsai style. I hope you will update their progress often. We need pictures like that to keep us happy this cold dark winter.
I'm starting a bunch of these too. I can't wait to post some pictures of my little ones after they break the surface.
I guess this is called Blue Christmas x ? x Mutant for a reason. They were in a bag of mutant mix from Matt. The first one actually came up the 26th but it's close enough for me. The one on the right is the oldest. I think that's a Mattapeno beihind the 3 ?Mutants. If they make it another week I'll feel alot safer. I had a few of some saved seeds,in dirty soil, die that were planted a week before these. I started using some Hydroguard today to try to save some lives.
From this morning:

This evening:

I am using a white and blue led.
Nice pictures BurningMouth. I also have this same variant growing (Blue Christmas x Bleeding Rawit White (labeled as BRW) x Mutant).

Maybe we can compare these over time. My seedlings are also around this same age and I'll try to post pics of them too.
I'm excited about them. I'm pretty sure you are right about their genetics too. They were part of a mix though. I also planted a few of those marked Blue Christmas x Bleeding Rawit White x Mutant too though, to compare with the mixed ones. Then I was going to ask questions as to which ones they might be. Ha ha ha Like this one:

He's so small. That other plant on the right is not a mutant. It's just something I saved from last year's small purple variegated thing. It's 4 days old. That small one was bent over for 2 days. Now he's a man.
You have to be close enough to see him. He's an alien mutant. 👽

Ask me about my mutant agenda. Lol No don't.
Sadly, My lack of experience with the mutants has shown itself. The ones pictured are not displaying the mutant trait at all.
I'm surprised no one called me out on that. We should be able to see it right away. As soon as they open up out of the soil.
However, I do now have 5 mutants babies started, but those pictured apparently skipped a generation. Maybe I'll get tons more seeds this way since they have the regular form. I should get close to half mutant seeds/babies right? We'll see, as soon as I harvest some this summer and fall. +11 days for germination.

@ABurningMouth Maybe the ones that are not exibiting the mutant phenotype might still be worth keeping in case the seeds from that plant still have a chance to produce mutants?

These are my Blue Christmas x BRW x Mutant Candlelight. In my experience these are slightly different than the previous mutant phenotypes I posted above due to the more unique curling of the leaves toward the edges.


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