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Popper snacks today-
I don't like mushy peppers, I don't like raw onions/garlic in cream cheese in a popper, and I don't like flaccid bacon.  (edit- wow, this sounds really bitchy...didn't mean for it to be...)  So here's my take on Perfect Poppers.

3 pounds of bacon is MORE than enough for the few poppers we had.  I just cooked up the rest, for BLT's, breakfast, a possible ingredient in the TD... ;)...
First up- par-cook the bacon to about half done, set aside.

a BLT for sustenance during the 3+hours of cooking the bacon,  3 slices at a time, in the CI with the meat press....(That pic shows cut slices, most pieces I did were full slices, so they were hanging out of the pan on one end, then shuffle them into the pan on the other side....)  Prolly would of gone faster if I'd had a 12" skillet...

I originally had some garlic and shallot minced up and cooked in the bacon grease.  It just smelled and tasted 'off', not like spoiled, but like the garlic or shallots were green or not cured/aged right.  I dunno, I pitched it and just went with some fine diced yellow onion sauteed in bacon grease to be added to the cream cheese with a couple grinds of pepper. 



Now here's where the magic happens....
The onions are cooked and mixed with the cream cheese with a couple grinds of black pepper and a shake or 2 of granulated garlic, so basically the cream cheese only needs to heat up.
The bacon is par-baked, so it doesn't take long for the bacon to crisp up under Fan in the oven. 
The bacon is Happy, the cream cheese is Happy, and the Peppers are just half-baked, which leaves them with a bit of texture and not totally mushy!  WIN!
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