heat What pepper is the hottest....to YOU??

We all know about SHU's, ratings, blah blah.  But some peppers just affect us differently, I think we can all agree on that. And we all probably have one that just gets us. Maybe one that isn't supposed to be as hot as is. The combo of chemicals in a particular strain of pepper is just right to destroy your pain receptors in a very special way. So what is the hottest pepper to you, one that you have eaten several times? 
  For my nervous system, it's the 7-pot Savannah. Hands(my hands went numb once!) down, the absolute worst pain from a pepper I have ever had. I have had Brainstrains, Primos's, smileyguy's crazy hot cross and the Savannah is in a different class. They put me on the floor in a pain trip to outerspace. Seriously high as a kite with pain. It's almost not even a food, but a wicked experience. 
I can't wait to harvest my own this year :rofl:  I have about 4 plants, just for kicks!
So what gets YOU??
Trinidad perfume. No, seriously. Usually can't taste a thing, but I had one that knocked my on my ass. Might have been because I wasn't prepared though.
Toss up between this red brain and this reaper.
(the brain on the left, yes it for some reason grew a stinger)

Not the hottest I've had but surprised me with being much hotter than expected. Yellow Cayenne. Had one the other day and it was on par with the orange habs I regularly eat. So while it technically is supposed to be much less SHUs it certainly didn't feel it...
This summer I will have some more input as I am growing many varieties including many superhots.
the heat varies so much from pod to pod, what may seem hot to me might not be to anyone else.
Any of the douglah crosses seem punishing at best
Swartmamba said:
the heat varies so much from pod to pod, what may seem hot to me might not be to anyone else.
Any of the douglah crosses seem punishing at best
Indeed, what pepper hits YOU personally the hardest is what I was asking. And one that you have had many times. We all perceive them differently, and that is what is so fun!
TrueNorthReptiles said:
Moruga scorpions light me up. I have reapers on hand too and they simply do not light me up like the morugas.
Yep, exactly the same for me! The Reapers seem more gentle when they 'dish out' the pain whereas the Morugas are just plain brutal, plus they taste really bad imo, like battery acid bad!.
Moruga aren't *that* bad. Nowhere close to battery acid at least, and trust me, I would know. They just smell rancid when you're in the same room as someone who ate it. Reapers start slowly IMO, and you're too used to it by the time it maxes out. With moruga, it's more like "well, this isn't so bad" and then a minute later you realize what you just did.
Brown Moruga and Brain Strain for me.
Mind that different sources of the same variety may vary quite a bit...