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flavor What's the most umami pepper you've tasted?

I'm reviving this post to give some useful information that I've discovered since opening it.

@gthordarson was right when he said that many dried Mexican chili peppers taste unami.
I had a quick work trip to Oaxaca for one week. I had one morning to go to the food market central and buy all kinds of fresh and dried chiles that I saw. I seemed mentally ill. But the truth is that most of the dried chiles that I later tried were quite tasty: Jalapeño, Serrano, chile de bola, Chile de arbol, Anaheim, Ancho, Pasilla...

@The Hot Pepper, you were right about Thai peppers. I had seeds from a mystery thai from years ago, planted it and hit this one. Smoky, acid and sweet at the same time, it also has a pungent fragrance that makes it very attractive. Then I remembered that prik kee noo tastes similar.
Next season I will do more research on Thai chili peppers.

I also planted Mustard Trinidad scorpion and Sara's green...I don't find bean flavors there. In Mustard TS I find a very mild taste of Trinidad scorpion, with quite a bit of sweetness and a green flavor. Sara's green, however, is very similar to a smooth habanero; It's a pretty simple flavor.

I tried Chocolate Habanero, looking for the unami flavor, but I can't find it here either. I really like the taste, but I don't feel umami. It's an overall light flavor, fruity, sweet, a bit herbaceous, and a bit earthy.

For now, the winner is the mystery thai (and the prik kee noo, which I remember tastes very similar) and the Mexican dried chilies.

I am now growing albanian red hot pepper and rosemary pepper. In winter I will collect and taste the first pods... I will tell you.

So far my thread update.