flavor What's the most umami pepper you've tasted?

I think this is a controversial post; but I also find it fun. In this forum there are many posts about tastes and in all of them the conclusion is always reached that taste, in terms of good or bad, is always subjective.
I don't want to focus on whether a pepper looks good or bad to you, just its umami flavor.
I've read about umami peppers on occasion. Even here the great Nigel was talking about the umami flavor of the Aci Kirmizi pepper.
Are there really any umami flavored peppers?
If we understand umami as a mild and prolonged flavor, we can't stop eating because it stimulates the receptors of the entire tongue and makes us salivate like dogs with a cookie... :D  What is the most umami pepper you have ever tasted??
I like a lot of peppers, I can't stop eating 7 pot yellow, jonah, or scotch bonnet, for example. But these don't look like umami to me...
I can't get the burn to linger for more than 5 minutes anymore, but the stomach flames last for hours.
If umami is represented by anchovies, MSG, soy sauce, and tomatoes, I'm not sure I've found exact analogues in chiles.  However,
Many dried Mexican chiles have great savory qualities
I agree with that and would add Peruvian and Turkish dried pods, and likely many others.  Guajillo is one specific example, but in my experience, it must be dried to become that brilliant flavour bomb: beautiful fresh, but bland.  Dried, as they come from Peru, I get notes like black tea, dried stone fruit, pipe tobacco, and maybe saddle leather.  Not exactly umami, maybe, but savory and a great pairing with umami ingredients.

Great question and line of thought.
Thank you for your answers.
I've always thought of Mexican peppers as a growth target. I only tried the classics: habanero, jalapeño, and serrano.
Last week I ordered chilhuacle, pasilla bayo, poblano and chile de onza seeds. All to grow in 2022 (I'm starting to have the most common problem of all of us: more varieties than space to grow it).
Right now I am looking for Turkish chili peppers like Kahramanmaras sehir and Kirmizi arnavut, but it is much more difficult to find.
Swellcat, it's just your description what I mean "bright, beautiful and fresh flavor bomb."

Thank you so much.
Fish pepper seems like a very affordable option. All my regular suppliers have fish pepper seeds.
I have seen that it is the favorite of many people. However, I remember that I once read somewhere that it was compared to the taste of serrano, is this true? To my serrano it does not seem particularly attractive in terms of flavor.
What do you think?
Umami would be something rich and meaty like a mushroom or even a ripe tomato, which all have msg. I would stay away from the grassy, floral, and citrusy peppers. The ones I would learn toward would be more earthy (but not grassy) so perhaps a chocolate pepper, or some of the Peruvian peppers. For example a red rocoto/manzano. You also might try orange peppers before they ripen to red to avoid some sweetness but get it after the grassiness. Also any Thai and Chinese cooking peppers.
The Hot Pepper said:
It's been awhile so unfortunately I cannot comment on comparisons.
Don't worry, your recommendation is enough for me.
Fish pepper is already on the list for 2022. Thank you very much for your recommendation.

I am very grateful for your other recommendations as well. I've never tasted rocoto, maybe it's time. When reading your recommendation on Ajis, I remembered that I have seeds of an Orange Ají, that I really don't know what variety it is (I found it in a market), that it is very good and is a bit close to that umami flavor that we talked about.

Now I just need to know if sherwoods seeds is trustworthy haha.

Happy day.
My favorite earthy/smoky pepper is Jamaican Hot Chocolate but I have only had it as powder. So I cannot comment on fresh. And fish pepper only in a sauce but I still think it would work!
I have read that Jamaican Hot Chocolate is a favorite of many.
This year I had 7 small JHC plants, I was away for a weekend and when I returned there was a huge a Sciridae flies infestation (substrate fly, in Spain). It ruined almost the entire crop, only Jalapeños, Prik kee noo and an Apocalypse scorpion survived.
Next year will be better, I really will have to try very little to make it better than this year.

Thanks for all your contributions, I learn a lot here.
Cool, I've never heard of 'Chocolate Ghostly Peño'.. its name indicates a cross, at least suggestive.

Really? I never tried mustard varieties, you just opened a new door for me. In your opinion, what is the best mustard variety?

Thank you, guys!
Mustard Habanero
Mustard Naga
Mustard Trinidad Scorpion
Mustard Brain Strain
Hahaha, you are my idol!

Now that you say it, they say about 'Ají Cito' that it tastes like beans (i've tried Ají Cito and it doesn't taste like beans), but it is true that its flavor is quite complete in the mouth.

Perhaps you've found the lighthouse's light in the middle of the sea for this topic (I don't know if I wrote this correctly).

Good job!