Well, I dug up my dirt in the back yard (finally) so I could get my peppers started. My Serrano is showing signs of life (new growth) after surviving a freeze in November.

In the ground are 3 - Orange Roccoto (Capsicum Pubescens)

6 - Limon Habs (Capsicum Chinese)

Now, all I need are about 2 more serrano plants, three orange habs, and 2 or 3 jalapeños and I should be good...for now...

:drooling: :shocked: :hell:
well its good to hear your getting the ball rolling on your plants.
but I had you pegged for more than those numbers of plants kinda like 50 + plants, what gives ?
& what does those limon habs taste like sortof ?
I don't know what those habs taste like. I got some free seeds with a bottle order in December. I do know that they're yellow and elongated.