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hot-sauce Which Scorpion pepper sauce?

My Market carries Melindas, Daves,, Tropical Pepper Co. and maybe one brand from Trinidad (Matouks?). Although im not sure if they have any of them in the Scorpion. A local specialty shop has Gringo Bandito Super Hot Scorpion sauce on sale. Need one for a gift. Preferably not overly salty and HOT!!
The Gringo looks good on all accounts and its on sale for $5 a bottle. Just trying to decide if its worth the extra drive to check it out
I like Heartbreaking Dawns 1498 sauce. If you need extra heat you can get the Cauterizer version. Supposed to be the exact same sauce with extra Scorpion peppers added.  :mouthonfire:
Also, Devorandum by Burns and McCoy is said to be one of the hottest non-extract sauces out there, and pretty tasty too. I haven't tried it yet myself though.
Walchit said:
The gringo bandito I tried wasn't great
One of the guys on YouTube that reviewed it along with Tropical Pepper Co really liked it but its nowhere near as hot as the TPC Scorpion sauce. I think Melindas falls between the 2 in heat. I really wanted to get the TPC sauce for one of the mechanics at the shop i use. Hes not big on sweet and hot. The owner of the shop though doesnt mind some sweetness in a hot sauce. The owner does not care for smoked hot sauce but the mechanic likes it.
Pretty sure the market has Daves but im not positive. I wasnt too big on his sauces i tried. His Scorpion sauce does get good reviews. Just kinda irks me that its 140mg of sodium in a tsp when he offers others with as low as 15mg. The TPC is also 140mg but i know its blazing hot according to the reviews. The main goal is to really light up this mechanic with a no extract sauce i can easily get locally. My personal stash of ghost peppers is too limited. :D
Ruid said:
Could you prank someone by putting a little bit of pure capsaicin in their bottle of Hot Damn or would the alcohol negate it?
figure of speech, not a sauce
You want hot, all-natural try PexPeppers, Burns & McCoy, Hellfire Hot Sauce.
Im probably getting some PexPepper sauce for the owner of the shop since he don't mid a bit of sweetness. I got my buddy in Idaho to order some for his dad too. I think he ordered Killer Swarm and Atom Splitter from a place that still had some.
The mechanic though has a high tolerance and his daughter is always getting into the sauces i bring him. They hammered the ghost sauce i made and he aint getting my last bottle. :D Like to find him something he can get locally that does push his limits. Even the hottest Marie Sharps i got for him hardly phased him.
Daves has to be the worst hot sauce Ive ever tried. Turned me off from all extract sauces for life. Wont touch em.
Well Saucy One was out of the Burns and McCoy by the time i got around to this. I took them up some homemade but i just ordered some TPC Scorpion and the Exhorresco off Amazon. Got 2 bottles of the TPC and 1 Exhorresco for about $22 total. I will probably be keeping the Burns and McCoy Exhorresco for myself. Pops really wants to try it too since its lower sodium. The TPC Scorpion is pretty salty however. 1 bottle im taking right upto the shop for the guys. The other i will probably mix with some bonnets from last year. Just enough to double or maybe triple the amount of sauce.
Burns and McCoy Exhorresco is ridiculously addictive. Just a quick taste on the finger comes off as "dayum this is hot" but i got to taste it again to be sure. Yep its hot but......sorta sweet which fools you a bit. No slap yo face vinegar bite either. Just kinda smooth with a building heat when used on food. Ive gots to order me some black garlic now. Never had it before and there is a flavor im getting that im not familiar with. Ive had yuzu/yuja so that aint it. Must be the black garlic.
You wont see me say this too often but a dash more salt brings out the flavor of the sauce tremendously. I salted the skin on some baked chicken a bit heavier than normal before baking. Adding some Exhorresco at serving was a flavor explosion. Like a savory overload. Cant stop....oh crap this burns...Why do i keep adding more?
On a side note it sent my brother running to the fridge for a cold drink. :D Yeah its too hot for me to slam down a spoonful like you see in reviews but frankly ive made sauce nearly as hot. Just not as well balanced.
Heat 8/10
Flavor 10/10
Balance 10/10... a tad sweet for some uses though.
Texture 11/10
Ingredient list 11/10...probably one of the best ive seen.

The Tropical Pepper Co. Scorpion arrived today. Its pretty toxic too :D Heat is much more up front with a strong vinegar bite to it. Almost tastes like a hint of smoke and tomato but none is listed on the label. Its just peppers, vinegar and salt. Personally i felt it was hotter than the Burns & McCoy. Interesting flavor though considering the ingredient list. If you want something that is mostly just hot without extract i can see its appeal. Worth the $6 i paid for sure and puts the stuff ive tasted from Daves to shame in flavor. Aside from the Scorpion pepper flavor, heat and aroma its pretty mundane and rather salty.
Loved the color, chunks of peppers and great heat. So to be kind im not going to break it down but rather give it a overall score of 7/10 and a 9/10 for heat.


I could not finish the sauce i had on the plate.....Well i could have but did not really want to.