yield Which superhots have the best growth, resistance, yield?

Hi there,

I am just wondering of all the superhots around. 7pots, Trinidad Scorpions, Nagas, fatalii, black congo etc. Which one do you think is the hardiest, able to withstand temperature extremes, pest attack as well as producing abundance of pods? I have grown a few superhots, but not yet reach harvesting stage. For me in terms of growth rate and health,

I would put Fatalii and scorpion Butch T as the healthiest of the lot. Bhut Jolokia is the hardest to germinate are slow to grow.

Looking forward to hear from those who's been growing superhots.


Mark T
I don't know if I'd include Fatalii in the superhots, but yeah - they're very easy to grow and they look/taste great! :)
it all depends on non where you grow it. most of them take the heat well. it all depends on the amount of well drained good soil it has and water.

read somewhere that even soil is not that important. !! this person had 3- 5 feet plant is a tiny pots but he had a regime of automated drip tubes supplying water and very low quantity ferts that is needed at very regular interval. (6 times daily)

neem oil and coffee ground helps on the internal resistance building part.

when its flowering , it needs a different type of ferts for increased yield. (ferts with less N and more P and K)

just my 2 cents. here..