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recipe-help Who has made a blueberry based hot sauce?


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This year I have lots of blueberry's in the freezer. I also have a assortment of peppers available to create with.
I have several batches of ferment sauces 'working' right now. Non of them are blueberry based.
I would love to hear some ideas about a blueberry recipe that works. It doesn't have to be a fermented sauce.
Nothing super sweet but ya still know there are blueberry's in it.
Definitely works well with hot sauce. Depends on if you want it for ice cream, or grilled proteins, etc.
Hurley, Watched the video wow lots of praise... Fireball in it? ha-ha

THP, Thanks for the suggestions. I think I will be trying my first non-fermented sauce with this one and see how it goes. I do have lots of blueberry's so multiple attempts are possible.
Try blueberries without adding sugar to see how sweet it is. If you need to sweeten it more I might suggest pineapple juice which will add a little acidity as well.
I just mixed up my first test batch. I used some mash I have been fermenting for the pepper base. The mash was a garlic, habanaro, orange bell blend. I blended this up with 3 cups of blueberrys a splash of vinegar, a couple tablespoons of agave syrup, 1 cup of raspberry hard cider, and a bit of cardamom. My initial impression is 'not bad' but I think it can be better. We will see after it ages a bit.
I did use ingredients I had available. Just didn't feel like going shopping.

My next try will be non-fermented and include some of the recommended ingredients.
Blueberry's have a unique flavor but really not that much smell to me.
Blueberry pairs well with savory which is why it goes with breakfast and syrups, etc. that get onto your sausage links and tastes good lol. The garlic should do well here for this reason, the cardamom leans more toward apple pie spice and personally would not lean that way, I'd go for a bright blueberry (not spiced) flavor balanced with acidity and savoriness, but it should taste good let us know!
Bou, That looks interesting. I believe I still have some strawberry's in the freezer. I think I will be trying something similar now.
I appreciate the tip. Thanks!
I found it somewhere here a while ago, glad it helped🤘 Keep us posted with the results!
I made sauce with black currants and sauce with raspberries. They very fragrant. 750 g of fermented habanero puree, 750 g of fresh berries. Salt, sugar, vinegar. Pasteurization.
I like the sound of currents. I guess somewhat like a blueberry's. I appreciate the suggestion and measurements. I'm still working on my next batch. The peppers are fermenting now. My freezer is plugged with Blueberry's and raspberry's so I have some options. Thanks for the suggestions!
Blueberries (and raspberries) will work very well in chipotle sauces. Like @The Hot Pepper said above, it really depends on what style of sauce you’re aiming for; dessert, geared toward a specific protein, etc.

For proteins, like chicken or pork, I’d go the savory route but, for desserts, I’d probably try to incorporate some fruity superhots (with the blueberries) and add some agave nectar (or honey) and maybe a touch of brown sugar. Maybe a little lime juice too. It’d be great on cheesecake or ice cream or whatever (maybe a cobbler!). For desserts, I’d personally stay away from ingredients like onions and garlic though. Maybe a yellow bell pepper (to “bulk” it up), but that’s just me.

Then again, if your freezer is loaded with blueberries and raspberries, you might want to think about making pepper jelly/jam! One batch of pepper jelly is a great way to go through 7 or 8 cups of fruit.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :cheers:
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I did make such sauce last week.
I did write up the rough recipe afterwards. Its in German so you need to use Google Translate or similar since im not motivated to translate it to english right now.

Have a look:

It really fits to cheesy stuff!
I had a Bifteki (Greek beef patty with sheep cheese in the middle) and no more of the Tsatziki sauce so I tried my Blueberry-Cherry hotsauce and it was soooo perfect with it it was unbelieveable.

Just a remark:
I used my own selfmade blackberry vinegar because the taste fits. Either use tasteless vinegar or just dont use it at all. It was sour enough anyway I just added it cause of the complimenting taste of it.
EL means large Spoon
TL means tea spoon
and "geh." means piled up spoon

After cooking i used a pass mill with thin mesh to seperate the sauce and large / hard stuff
And I did let the Sugar caramelize before adding the passed sauce.
Your sauce sounds and looks amazing. How sweet is it with the 350g sugar? I imagine the vinegar might tend to balance it out.
I have been neglecting my blueberry sauces but now am restocked with this year's blueberry and raspberry crop.
It's time for another attempt. Thanks for your suggestions!