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WHP 2019

Going to try to have a little glog, mostly pictures probably.  I am sure I will lack the time to keep it up as usual, but hopefully can update some pics from my phone.
Crude grow list is below.  Tried to update it for plants that didn't get in, but is roughly correct I think.
7  Pot Congo Chocolate
7 Pot Brain Strain Red
7 Pot Brain Strain Yellow
7 Pot Burgundy
7 Pot Cinder
7 Pot Douglah
7 Pot Jonah
7 Pot Madballz
7 Pot Orange X
7 Pot Slimer
7 Pot White
7 Pot Yellow Long
Aji Margariteno
Andy's King BOC
Andy's King BOC (Purple)
Apocalypse Giant
Arribib Gusano
Bahamian Beast Peach
Bahamian Beast Red
Bahamian Goat
BBG7 Ghost Jami Orange
BBG7 Naga Brown
BBG7 Orange x Jay's Pink Purple
BBG7 Red
BBG7 Roughrider Chocolate
BBG7 Roughrider Red
BBG7 x Apocalypse (NC)
BBG7 x Naga Peach
BBG7 x PDN x Bhut
BBG7 x Peach Ghost Jami
BBG7 x SRTSL (Peach)
BBM Reaper x (Reaper x JPGS)
Bhut - Jeff
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate x JPGS
Bhut Jolokia Mustard
Bhut Jolokia Solid Gold
Bhut Jolokia Solid Gold x (Pink Tiger x Peach Bhut)
Bhut Jolokia White W Strain
Bhut Jolokia Yellow
Bhut Surprise Yellow
Bhutlah Gold
Bhutlah x Nagabrains
Big Block Red
Big Block Chocolate
Bih Jolokia Black
Bih Jolokia Caramel
Bih Jolokia Chocolate
Bih Jolokia x Sugar Rush Peach
Bismark Chocolate
Black Bhut x Chocolate Nagabrains
Blue Ghost (Chocolate)
Blue Ghost (Peach)
BOC x GKB (Orange)
BOC x GKB (Red)
BOC x Primo (Orange)
Bonda Ma Jacques
Borg9 Chocolate
Borg9 Peach
Borg9 Yellow
BRM x Jigsaw x Yaki
BRMX (Red)
BRMX (Yellow)
Brown Moruga
Brown Reaper
BT x Moruga
Burmese Naga
Carbon Bhut 7 x BBG7
Carbonero Brown
Carboruga Red
Carboruga Yellow
Carolina Reaper
Charapon Amarillo
Chocolate Ghost Gnarly
Chocolate Ghost Jami
Chocolate Moruga Brains
Chupetinho JXL Red
Chupetinho JXL Yellow
Chupetinho White
Concord Naga Chocolate
Coyote Zan White
Defcon 7 (Big Brown)
Devil's Nagabrains Red
Devil's Nagabrains Chocolate
Devil's Rib
Devil's Tongue White
Douglah x Reaper
Dystopia Red
Dystopia Yellow
EOB x Moruga
Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw
Funky Yellow
Ghost Naganero
Reaper Golden
Habanero Big Sun
Habanero Cappuccino
Habanero Caribbean Red
Habanero Chocolate
Habanero Giant Orange
Habanero Giant Red
Habanero Giant Yellow
Habanero Niranja Picante
Habanero Snow White
Habanero Tangerine x SRTSL
Hydra Chocolate
Jay's x Pink Tiger x Reaper
Jigsaw x Large Red Jamaican Habanero
JPGS x Primo
Leopard Reaper
Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion
Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion Chocolate
Little Bastard
Madballz Chocolate
Mojo Scoundrel
Moruga Peach
Moruga Reaper
Moruga UV Choco
Moruga White
Moruga x ButchT
Mustard Moruga Brains
Mustard Reaper
Mustardgum Nagabrains
Naga Reaper
Naga Smooky Rainbow
Naga Yellow
Nagabrains Chocolate x Urfa Biber
Nagabrains Jigsaw
Naganero Scorpion Caramel
Nababrains Yellow x Pumpkintail
NuMex Suave Orange
NuMex Suave Red
Orange Ghost WHP
Orange Ribbon
Orangegum x Nagabrains
Peach Berry
Peach Reaper DS
Peach Whynot
Peach X
Pimenta Moranga Peach Cross
Pink Tiger x Peach Bhut
Pink Tiger x Peach Bhut (Thin Pheno)
Pink Tiger x Yellow Moruga (Orange)
Pockmark Orange
Primo x Purple Bhut
Purple Bhutwrecker
Purple Naga Viper
Purple Reaper
Reaper x Purple Reaper
Ramirez Stinger
Reaper Purple Peach
Reaper x JPGS
Reaper x Lemon Drop
Reaper X Long
Reaper x Moruga
Reaper x Pink Tiger (Red)
Reaper x Puma
Reaper x SRTSL
Reaper Yellow
Red Furi
Red Ribbon
Red Savina x Fatalii
TS Moruga Red
Saco de Velho
SB7J Yellow
Scotch Bonnet Chocolate
Scotch Bonnet Haiti Red
Scotch Bonnet Marabella Market Red
Scotch Bonnet Marabella Market Yellow
Scotch Bonnet MOA
Scotch Bonnet Peach
Scotch Bonnet St. Lucia (Rodney Bay)
Scotch Bonnet WHP
Scotch Bonnet WHP Red
Scotch Bonnet WHP II
Scotch Brains (7 Pot Pheno)
Scotch Brains
Scotch Brains XCP
Secret Potion Red
Sepia Serpent
Sepiareaper x Neyde
Shabu Shabu
SRTSLX (Purple)
Star Scream
Super Bhut
The Dream
The Sin Peach
The Sin Red
Tiger Teeth
Tiger Teeth x BBG7
Tombstone Ghost
T-Rex Mustard
Trinidad Perfume
TS Sunrise
Trinidad X-Strain Variant
TS ButchT Yellow
TS Moruga Satan
TS Moruga Yellow
TS Orange Long Tail
Venezuelan Tiger
Wartryx Orange
White Hot Lime
Yellow Juice
Here is a few pics, hopefully a lot more later.

EOB x Moruga
BBG7-x-SRTSL-peach (5).jpg

BBG7 x SRTSL (Peach)
bih-jolokia-caramel (5).jpg

Bih Jolokia Caramel
primo-x-purple-bhut (3).jpg

Primo x Purple Bhut
Waiting to see how this would turn up..

Bhut Jolokia Solid Gold x (Pink Tiger x Peach Bhut)

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Awesome grow list, no wonder your webshop is so full of goodies! Looking to place an order myself later this year, just going to be tough to be selective :)

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Absolutely stunning pods, Justin!
Looks like a great season for you.
That crude list is too awesome
PaulG said:
Absolutely stunning pods, Justin!
Looks like a great season for you.
That crude list is too awesome [emoji15]
Thanks Paul. Lot of goofy stuff on that list, but that is what seems to drive my interest these days. I seem to have developed a passion for grown the crosses and unknowns these days.

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