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Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

Just getting this started so I can get a url.
I will post more about this in a couple of days.

Happy New Year, 2021!
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An example of how C.lanceolatum flowers can look without sun. Some people donโ€™t realise how stark the difference can be. These are from a cutting I have in a shady corner of my grow tent.



You're playing this all wrong. Let the subterfuge begin.;) Have you seen the guy painting flowers to resemble Andean Clade species that have high anthocyanins?
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Getting 8-10 seeds per friburgense pod. Thinking of doing a heavily vetted seed train in a couple months that people can feel comfortable about not getting robbed or extorted. The parvifolium are a bit further behind and not setting in the same numbers s o probably a limited supply there.


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You are a beauty,Vaniglio. :liar
I think you have irrefutable evidence to affirm it, or do you believe the word of your Brazilian or Italian friend? The world of Capsicum Wild is rotten, made up of envious and hypocritical people, you too are part of it and I don't think your conscience is so clear