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Winter Indoor Growing Adventure

Hello to all TheHotPepper

Today I decided to start a few peppers to find out if they will fruit indoors. Sown today Sweet Banana, Fire Cracker Ornamental, and Sweet Datil and seeds from the crushed red pepper spice bottle. On order Hungarian Hot Wax and Chiltepin. I'm unsure if there will be enough space to grow these peppers to full size but it's just for fun anyways.


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Does anyone know why the Datil pepper leaves are wrinkly?
Most likely there's a water transpiration issue, where the leaves are struggling to retain moisture because they aren't getting enough from the roots. The plants respond by folding/rolling/canoeing the leaves like that. Often it's related to the roots. A common situation is when the planting medium stays too wet and the roots become saturated and/or don't develop properly and can even begin to rot. Then the plant can't get enough moisture to the leaves despite plenty in the soil. I suggest looking at the soil and whether it's staying wet or compacting down and losing all of its fluffiness. If so, changing watering habits or even transplanting can be advisable.


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Glad to hear that, TMP. I hope it continues
to improve for you.

And thanks to @CaneDog for posting the
why behind the issue!