ZERO Batch #4 status update

Incoming transmission……………….

Greetings from deep under the NJ Superfund site at Defcon HQ,
I have been recently receiving a very large number of requests for information on the upcoming ZERO release, The Batch #4. With all of these requests, I thought it necessary that I should reply in some way to everyone, so as to quell their fears of missing the release date and not getting one.

We have begun harvesting the wonderful stuff, and due to the extra step we are taking now in the processing, it takes a little longer (which of course increases the likelihood of personal injury, oh happy joy!). However, this extra step, which I kind of stumbled across, makes the ZERO much hotter than before. However, it also dramatically increases the numbers of peppers required, and at the same time, cuts way down on the amount we are able to produce. Therefore, we will only be offering the ZERO's in the Batch #4 collector bottles, and not the tasters we had on the last run. You'll see the difference of the ZERO in the vessel when you receive it.

We appreciate all the great feedback we got from those who got a chance to actually consume some of the ZERO, and look forward to releasing more tasters some time in the future, perhaps on the next release. We are amazed at how the interest in these little gems has drastically increased. This is one reason we are continually striving to outdo ourselves on each release. The Batch #4 is proof positive of this. Yeah, it's definitely cool.

The Batch #4 glass vessels will be a completely different style than the Batch #3's, so as to allow our twisted and somewhat disturbed imagination to run wild. The Batch #4 will definitely add some uniqueness to your personal Shelf of Doom. It will also require some minor assembly this time around, gotta make things interesting.

Figure the release will probably take place some time in April. We don't know the exact date yet, but will be sure to contact everyone a few weeks before, for a status update. There most likely won't be as many of these as there were for the Batch #3, again because of the extra procedural step we are taking, so be sure to act fast when they become available, as you know, once they're gone, they're gone. As usual, the infamous "The E-mail" will be the method of release again, and it is once again on a first come first serve basis. Depending on the number of Batch #4's we are able to create, I will allow either one or two of them per person. This will be decided just before the release.

Also, while I have your attention, we here at Defcon HQ are proud to announce we will be unveiling our newest product, the Habby Horse (Habanero horseradish) at the Fiery Foods show, March 2-4, 2007 in Albuquerque, NM. We will have 400 bottles available, as sort of a test market thing. After the show, we will go into full production of these, so every house, in a global perspective, will have the chance of acquiring one or more of these culinary masterpieces. We are very proud of this product, and look forward to hearing the reviews from all of you. So "Get Kicked By The Horse", you'll be glad you did!

Creator out……
Yup, there are 90 of these little Soldiers of Evil available. Just go to the website and order from the home page. I don't expect these to be available for very long...