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  1. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Jul 04 2019 07:19 AM

    Happy 4th everyone from sea to shining sea

  2. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Mar 05 2019 11:47 AM

    Fat Tuesday..Laissez les bons temps rouler

  3. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Feb 28 2019 01:24 PM

    Dang..No Nobel Peace Prize! :)

  4. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Feb 05 2019 01:16 PM

    Xīn Nián Kuài Lè! 新年快乐!

    • rghm1u20's Photo
      Do you know Chinese?
    • catherinew's Photo
      Happy Chinese New Year
    • rghm1u20's Photo
      Any of you know Chinese? I have started to learn long time ago, 15 years ago, but quit because lack of support (audio).
  5. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Jan 29 2019 11:52 AM

    Measles..PNW...major complications inc. pneumonia

    • SpeakPolish's Photo
      Yeah, Vaccines do not cause Autism.
    • Blitz527's Photo
      I can't stand all this anti vax crap. Obviously the milenials need to witness everything before they understand it. So sure, let's bring back measles, mimps, rubella, while we are at it how about polio too �� stupidity. These people who are against vaccines are protected against these diseases as I am sure they were vaccinated, so the only people really in any danger are their kids.... God help this new generation of mostly idiots.
    • SmokenFire's Photo
      Hey Blitz much of the anti vax rhetoric that I am reading/hearing is coming from people older than millennials - Jenny McCarthy, etc - along with a few religious groups. Most of the millennials I know are pro vaccination.
  6. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Jan 29 2019 11:48 AM

    Measles..PNW.. complications can be if untreated.

  7. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Dec 30 2018 06:03 PM

    New Year's Eve Menu plans?

  8. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Dec 30 2017 10:20 AM

    NewYear's Eve plans?

  9. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Dec 21 2017 03:00 PM

    Winter is Officially here...ready or not..

    • wiriwiri's Photo
      Winter Solstice..it's the shortest day of the year,if you're keeping score!
    • OCD Chilehead's Photo
      OCD Chilehead
      We had our first snow shower today. That makes since.
  10. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Nov 25 2017 09:58 PM

    TIME MAN OF THE YEAR..I bet on JEFF BEZOS..worth a 100B & growing.

    • t0mato's Photo
      That may not last. Bill Gates used to be worth that much too.
  11. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Nov 07 2017 06:02 PM

    RIP Roy Halladay MLB Pitcher..sad..great pitcher.gone too soon.

    • catherinew's Photo
      So sad to hear about his accident. Native CO superstar, to be proud of.
  12. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Nov 07 2017 06:00 PM

    RIP Roy Halladay MLB Pitcher..sa..great pitcher.

  13. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Oct 09 2017 02:08 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving to Our Canadian Friends..Enjoy!

  14. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Sep 29 2017 05:07 PM

    'nother one bites the dust.

  15. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Sep 14 2017 08:30 PM

    Equifax data breach.143 million accounts hacked..

    • t0mato's Photo
      I read an article about a massive lawsuit this morning.
    • t0mato's Photo
    • wiriwiri's Photo
      Its BAAAD,but got side stepped by many d/t IRMA,People need to freeze their credit,check credit card bills etc.
      Big time Class action lawsuit..Equifax sucks,big time.this is the 3rd time of recent they have been hacked..watch them melt away after they pay through their noses.Bankruptcy might be sooner than later stock tanking.BAAD it is for the consumer.
  16. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Aug 16 2017 08:26 AM

    It's 40 yrs since Elvis passed..many of us not even around,but surely have heard his music!

    • moruga welder's Photo
      moruga welder
      My wife is a HUGE ELVIS fan ! She's only 44 , we go down to Memphis very year .
    • Mr.CtChilihead's Photo
      My mother had tickets for a show in Hartford in later Aug or Sept..When he passed..She cried for days.I loved his Christmas albums..
    • wiriwiri's Photo
      He was a great performer.
      It's sad how he died,wish I was around to see him in concert.Oh well I listen to his music now & then.great voice.
  17. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Jun 21 2017 11:51 AM

    Summer Solstice..longest day of '17.

    • CAPCOM's Photo
      What was the longest day of "16"?
    • spicefreak's Photo
      June 22nd. Still summer solstice but the date shifts slightly some years.
    • CAPCOM's Photo
      nope. Nov 8th.
  18. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Apr 16 2017 08:03 AM

    Happy Easter

  19. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Apr 06 2017 03:00 PM

    Taxes filed...you too?

    • Rawkstah's Photo
      Got mine done last month... I owed more than I thought :'(
    • wiriwiri's Photo
      Uncle Sam got his cut.
    • austin87's Photo
      My shitty previous employer got my W-2 to me within the last 3 days, so no. I'm due to get them done this week. So glad I left that incompetent bunch of idiots and love where I am now.
  20. wiriwiri

    Made a comment, Mar 20 2017 11:39 AM

    Happy Spring..lotsa melting goin' on here :)