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Site Rules

Welcome to thehotpepper.com! Membership is free - all we ask is that you follow the rules of the forum.

No duplicate content or cross-posting. Cross-posting is cutting and pasting or posting virtually the same content to multiple forum categories or even the same topic to bump it. Please choose the most appropriate forum for your post, and post it there. Cross-posting is considered spam, and clutters the forum.

No thread bumping (replying to your own thread) without relevant or new information. Do not post "bump". No excessive bumping.

DO NOT advertise/promote in the discussion forums. Please choose the most appropriate forum under the Classified Ads heading. Ads that are posted to discussions will be deleted.

The Classified section is for business. Do not reply to a classified thread unless you have questions about what is being offered or have interest.Do not use the forums as an advertising tool to promote direct competitors of thehotpepper.com. This includes linking to other sites that are similar. If you have a review you want to post here from another site, cut and paste the review, do not link to it.

Always choose the most appropriate forum category for your postspamease keep all off-topic discussion in The Lounge.No pornographic or offensive images in avatars or profiles pictures, or linking to pornographic sites.

Racist or any remarks that can be considered offensive will not be tolerated.Politics, religion, and other personally sensitive topics can only be discussed in the sub-forum Hot Button Topics, which is hidden from view unless you log in.

Please be civil. Discussions that turn into flame wars will not be tolerated. Management reserves the right to ban a member at any time. This is a private forum.

Respect the moderators - they work hard to keep this place running smoothly.

Do not discuss Moderator actions in public. If you have beef with a moderator or staff, send a PM.

Of course the most important rule is to have fun, network, and make friends! Enjoy!