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Voodoo 6

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In Topic: Rhapsody new to list

Yesterday, 11:53 PM

Rhapsody has finally arrived!!!! Hell Yes!!! :



I wonder how they hid a foot peddle in a log... Cheers!!!



In Topic: 2018 SEED TRAIN

Yesterday, 11:10 PM

It was just an funny thread, sure all will go well.

In Topic: 2018 SEED TRAIN

Yesterday, 09:45 PM

I am calling morphine on Voodoo.


I think CapCom was the drill instructor on full metal jacket hehe :) Cheers! You get that got damn tracking number out you maggot!!!

In Topic: Hi from Twisp.

Yesterday, 01:16 AM

Dump pies on my lap son... the greatest single quote ever.

In Topic: 2018 SEED TRAIN

Yesterday, 01:10 AM

Launch the duck with the hellfire missiles!!!