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  • Good Deal man! I'm going to check em out. Im a bit jealous though...My Limon STILL has sprouted. lol.
    Sorry bud. I've only got three left and I think they'll come in handy for a possible trade. I think your set pretty nicely though with the rest. If your still interested later this season, i can get you loads of Bih Jolokia seeds after harvest.
    Wow man, i didn't think that'd even be possible wit regular mail. Sounds like someone was looking for something other than pepper seeds if you ask me. Pinning these tiny flat seeds down, THROUGH and envelope with enough force to crush em screams nothing but "deliberate" to me. That suks. So is the jolokia the only seed that didn't make it? I'll see if I have more to...
    Cool man. I'll throw a package together for you. Should go out Monday. I'll let you know.
    I couldn't say, this would be my 1st time trying to grow em myself, but if anything, I heard the Douglah n scorpion can be finicky with germination. If I have enough, you can try em all if you like.
    Hey ace, I sent a message, but I don't think it went through. I have a few supers: red 7pot, Douglah, red scorpion and big jolokia. Let me know what your interested in.
    Thanks for posting on my Thai pepper thread. I put a pic up, like you asked, w/ a chair next to it for size reference.
    Paying It Foward: Sup Ace. Looking drop a few seeds on a new guy. Wanted to know if you were interested in a few. Just check my list, if you see anything you like, let me know I'll ship em to ya. Take care!
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