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  • sorry it has take awhile to respond, still not that great with this site as well as traveling. what seeds are available. i have a special garden for all the hot peppers. thank you for the post.
    Also you can see pics of the two that germinated in the growing forum. I started a thread "germinating peppers at work" or something like that.
    Hey Cap. The 7 pot and the Limon germinated yesterday. AWSOME! I haven't heard of a Limon....are they superhots?
    Ok sounds great. Thanks for the seeds and I'll look forward to the harvest for a few more.
    At least the others you sent had something to put in the dirt other than dust. LOL But yes the Jelokia was the only one that was literally dust.
    Cap, I got the seeds today and started em up. Most of them were crushed from going through the mail but we'll see what happens. There wasn't enough of the Jelokia left to germ.(it was basically powder) Thanks for the seeds. I'll keep you posted.
    Thanks again. Where are you at so I know when to expect them? did you separate them so I know what's what?
    "I have a few supers: red 7pot, Douglah, red scorpion and big jolokia." Which are the easiest to grow. I'm a rookie.
    Hey Capitone, I'm interested in taking advantage of the seeds you offered. What is the hottest pepper seed you have that you would be willing to send me a few of? Thanks in advance.
    I did get the Fatali. They are actually going in soil tonight.
    Thank you for the offer, however!
    Hi Capitone :-)
    Sent you a PM, hope you are able to read it....otherwise let me know!
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