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  • I bought a couple of your sauces at Meadowview yesterday. Too bad I didn't get to meet you a couple of weeks ago. I guess there is next year.
    hey seth no worries those jars generally dont seal very well i use those jars for sauce i sell right away, just keep it cold now
    your fine
    i make my sauce under very strict sanitary conditions, the ph is very acidic and the sauce was made only 2 weeks ago so your just fine
    thanks your friend Joe
    Joe, mailbox full. the infinity sauce I bought from you at the pepper fest was not sealed. No popping upon opening. Am I in danger of food poisoning? Do you know the PH of your sauces? Also, how old is the sauce? Just a little scared. Don't want to end up puking my guts up.
    i had a great time and it was great meeting you both as well as justaguy
    yeah Alex it did look like you where going to die it was a pleasure meeting you too Seth thanks for coming your friend Joe
    im a going to shoot me some dinner yummy meat!!! LOL!!
    good on ya mate your welcome
    thanks your friend Joe
    Heyyyyy joe, where you goin with that gun in your hand.
    Heyyyyy joe, i said where you goin with that gun in your hand!
    Got those seeds thankyou very much. Anything i can do to repay just ask. :)
    i got your address to send your seeds
    your goodies went out last Monday you should see them very soon
    thanks your mate Joe
    Hey bro. Just remembered pm's do not work on my phone.
    Addy is
    PO BOX 189
    Beresfield N.S.W. 2322
    Cheers mate
    alrighty than, how are the pink scorps growing? They sound really interesting as well!
    great im glad your pleased
    and i will let you know about the other
    but im kinda holding my breathe with the wht 7"s i was told from the fellow i got the seeds from that they could be crossed and may come out orange
    thanks your friend joe
    hey there! I just got the seeds and needless to say everything was spot on, thanks so much :) Let me know when those white 7 and orange bhut seeds are ready, I would gladly buy them from you :) Have a great rest of the season Joe. Jake.
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