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    off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

    morning folks...long drive ahead today...headed back to Fort Worth this morning...about 700 miles I10-I65-98-49-I20-Chapel Creek
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    hobbies GUNS!!!!

    reading this thread reminded me of a song I wrote about Ft. Worth's last gunfight...   excerpt...   Out into the street they went, their voices got much louder The signs they all pointed to the smell.....gun powder   Standing there face to face and nearly toe to toe, Luke had a big gun hid, poor...
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    Time to Relight

    thank you for your responses...   I really want to relight with LEDs....they are expensive but will pay for themselves over time with the savings on the electricity bill   AJ    
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    AJs 2018 Grow Log

      I will post a pic when I get back to Ft. Worth...currently I am in Pcola with my dear mother...     thank you far as aphids/ is a constant takes a long time to inspect  the plants, but I religiously check each plant each day...   AJ
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    AJs 2018 Grow Log

      probably 5 or so of:   Long Tail Scorpion   7 Pot   Billy Biker Japs (~20)   Super Cayenne   Ristra Cayenne   Maybe a White Bullet Hab (if I can find seeds)   A few anaheims & cascabels   definitely serrano   maybe a Carolina reaper although I understand the taste is not as good as a 7 pot...
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    Very Short Habanero, Many Buds?

    DD and I seem to be thinking may have something to do with the spectrum of light being supplied.  For vegetative growth you needa more "blue" light....Iam in the process of relighting my entire grow room which currently uses 6500K color temperature CFLs.   as far as pinching the buds...
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    dehydrators Weston dehydrators

    While I have not reviewed the dehydrators mentioned, I am posting a link to the one I use...It is an excalabur with nine trays. plug and play...all accessories included...   And it sit on  my back porch under the awning to keep fumes out of the house..the exact one I use is the one on sale today...
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    Word Association Thread

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    I am not familiar with those tepin seeds, however I have a Tepin plant that was grown from "wild" stock.  She is 13 years old and has been in my front flower bed for the past 10 years.  She dies back each winter and comes back healthier and bigger each year.   I would gladly send you as many...
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    seeds Starting Seeds - how I do it

      24/7 the first month then I back off to 16/8....just my choice...     "Sanitize all tools/work areas/germination areas/trays before starting"... ​I thought it would be pretty evident I didn't use the chemicals once I start my seeds...and I use nitrile gloves during my cleaning.  After the...
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    Young leaves on Jalapeno plant getting curly

    kill the aphids...nothing more you can do...high nitrogen levels draw aphids which is another subject for another time...   at this stage of the game I would say use whatever....ah...just saw you are from india...I have no clue what to tell you to get, but a pesticide that is pepper friendly...
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    Wilted Carolina reaper plants

    the thing with the lighter leaves you are talking about is called sunscald...and can occur whenever the light intensity is too much for the plant...   the wilted/sagging leaves is a natural response of the plant trying to prevent water loss...the actual mechanism is the stomato on the bottom of...