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  • Hey Bent. How are things? I have a techie question - how do I set my profile up so that I can see recent visitors list. I see yours now, but on my page, it just says how many visitors. I tried the FAQ and changing options etc, but could not find anything that helped.


    New growth on Douglah & sick 7's has come out well with no sign of the dreaded lurgy. I've picked off all the remaining old sick leaves & it's powering along like a spring bloom.

    Expecting it to flower again in the next few weeks.

    Hiya, it's still sick...lost all its top leaves & most mid. lots of new growth starting so I think its on the mend.

    only 1 viable flower node remaining :shocked:

    Theres been nothing conclusive in the hunt to find out what made it sick.

    It's all been very traumatic *sniff*sniff*
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