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  • hot candy....i'll look into that. I've been messing with peanuts for a while thats nearly ready...and then theres this -

    [well its not here too top-secret lol] will pm you
    Yeah, kidding of course... no liniment either, lol. Hey how about Pain 3 tablets in an aspirin shaped bottle that are the hottest red hot candies you can get... huh? You owe me royalties :)
    BBbwwahaha - you got me :lol:

    oh, er, not laughing at your ailment of course - hope everythings ok

    hmmmm - pain2 in a tube :think:
    hehe - 2 BB nagas per bottle on that goes a long way.

    Glad you liked it mate
    I got 1 bottle of the Sawtell batch left (Vers. 006)...

    well no thats not entirely true - I have a stash of vers 4, 5 & 6 but that'll be going to charity auction one day.
    OOoohhhHHH that sounds good. Did you take a pic for us poor mortals :P

    How much did you use out of interest..teaspoon, tablespoon? That was version 4 wasnt it?...damn did it even have a label?
    I had some on an Italian sweet sausage pressed sandwich last night with fresh mozzarella and sauce.... mmmm.
    hey mate - yup had some chicken kebabs for lunch & drop at a time is right :ouch:
    Great flavour...going to have to snack on some more tonight
    Bent howd you go on the naga/fatalii paste? Have you cracked it yet? add a dash to half a cup of hot water give it a stir and have a sniff, its interesting stuff.
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