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  • ahhh its a dream right now - looks like for the 2nd year running the hab crop has been drowned by floods. No habs = No pain. I'm now growing 12 plants myself and may be able to make a batch about April.
    I reckon I could make up a batch out of ground meat without too much problem. I may have to add some salt though. let me have a think about it...
    bent with your ok I am going to have a friend I met in computer school make a t-shirt for you with your Pepper-nerd picture. Front Pain 1 and Back Pain 2.This will be one of a kind, she will not make any more unless you ok it. She is trying to do this as a home business, and just needs a out of the box review. What size and please e-mail me a copy of your pepper nerd if it is ok.
    P.S. No charge.
    Hi. I read in the FAQ about how to insert pictures in a message, but i don't see a button anywhere that says, "manage attachments". What am i missing?????
    lol yeah that could work....I'll be trying to cook something called 'chronic pain' pretty soon. Think pain2 without the pears lol.
    Be great to try your sauce....we'll need to come up with a dastardly plan to get it through customs though. Everything I get has been searched lol
    If my golden habs do well I have a recipe for them I am going to bottle. You'll be getting one this fall/winter hopefully!
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