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  • Al,
    I read on THP that you're gonna have a Jerky contest, but
    haven't been able to locate that link again. I would love to
    enter. My jerky is better than my mustard.

    No problem, stuff like that happens.
    BTW, I am going thru the Defcon One and MK II sauce like water. I need to make something from this year's pepper harvest. So far, I have made Scotch Bonnet jam, several jars of pickled peppers and of course ALOT of dehydrated pods.


    Hey AL,

    It's me, Greg, aka WACOFlyer,
    Am I still still one of your new testers? I haven't seen or heard anything from you for quite awhile.

    Let me know,

    I still haven't moved into my house yet, so it is difficult to setup the reviews or organize them for that matter. Please send this review to my email address @ albuddah@yahoo.com please. Thanks, and from what I read I am very stoked you are reviewing for us. It is a fine job, thanks! As soon as I am settled into my house and have things unpacked, I will hook ya up with more to review during August.

    so many rules..I got something in the mail and it was awesome by the way...i'm working on a review
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