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  • Hi Greg,

    The seeds are sitting in their baggie waiting to meet their new family. I still need your address to get them off to you. Check your Private Messages.

    Hey Greg,

    I had you penciled in for a review of at least 5 hot sauces from one company, but that company never delivered. It isn't dead, at least I hope not. Just delayed. As soon as I hear from them, I will let you know. Sorry man for not communicating with you sooner.

    Hey shouldn`t be a prob with all 3.the jolikia is starting to put out now and the dorset and scorps are slow as hell.It could be another month I bet before any are ready.Lets just keep in touch. Rich
    im not a pilot eather i was taking lesions but i got out of it its way too expensive

    ive only rode in one once , the same one i worked on :)
    Does radio control piloting count? I have rode in several types of full scale WACO's but I am not a full scale pilot.
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