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  • looking 4 sum seeds of dry pepper from different areas of the world if u can please
    take a look at my profile 4 what ill trade thx
    Hey Chilicutter,

    I know some Finlanders besides you....

    My company is forest products chemicals and I get to visit Finland every so often to work with some of the paper mills. I was there last May. I started in Kemi and took the train with my son to Turku and he and I took the Ferry to Stockholm.

    What a great trip!

    Anyway, you've got a beautiful country, great food, nice people (albeit a bit reserved), and I can't believe you can grow peppers over there! LOL

    What part of Finland do you reside in?

    Take care,

    Smoking is dangerous man;)
    Drinking water...thats wery dangerous:)
    Mushrooms,garlig,jalapenos and bacon is even more delicious.
    Not a great deal, just drinking some purified water with some fruit juice and smoking some herb :P

    Just had some poached mushrooms with garlic and jalapenos,mmmmmmmm
    No I have not gotten any of the peppers on the list yet. I would be happy to trade( I am a pepperhead in training, so I dont have alot of hot stuff yet), but I am happy to trade, or send postage, or pay if needed.
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