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January 31
Real Name
Favorite Food
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
German Rieslings, Kabinetts, Spatlase, etc.
Chili... Beans or No Beans?
Favorite Hot Pepper
Bahamian Goat
Favorite Hot Sauce
Favorite BBQ Sauce
wood ranch
Favorite BBQ Food
baby back ribs
Grow List
Growing +20 varieties. TSMB, Tabasco, Br.Starfish, Bishops Hat, MoA Scotch Bonnet, Bahamian Goat, Yellow Fatalii, Jamaican Hot Choc, de Arbol, Biker Billy Japs, bunch of Wilds, maybe some others.
Seeds Wanted
c. tovarii, flexuosum, dusenii, true cardenasii, purple flower chacoense, CAP 1530, CAP 1491. Other Wild varieties that are highly allocated, rare, etc.
Seeds Available For Trade
I try to buy and grow seeds from reputable sources. Updated 1/11/2016:

Aji Amarillo (Judy)
Aji Limon
Aji Pineapple
Albanian Red Hot (Judy)
Aleppo (Judy)
Aleppo, Heirloom (Ford's)
Bahamian Goat (Judy)
BBG7 (Judy)
Bhut Jolokia Peach (cmp)
Bih Caramel (cmp)
Biker Billy JalapeƱo (burpee)
Bishops Hat (Judy)
Brazilian Starfish (Judy)
Butch T
Carolina Reaper (cmp)
Carolina Reaper (ed currie)
CGN 19198 Eximium (Judy)
CGN 20800 (Judy)
Cherry Bomb(wife's farmers market)
Chili de Arbol
Creme Fatalii, off pheno
Daisy Cutter (Bhut Camp)
Devil's Tongue
Fidalga Roxa (cmp)
Habanero, Orange
Hawaiian (UH Seed Program) Highly limited quantity.
Hot Fish Pepper
India Jawala (Mike)
Jamaican Hot Chocolate
Lindberg Figueroa Seeds: Llaneron, Jobito, Rosita yellow/red, Margariteno, Pepon (from: CumanĆ” Sucre Venezuela)
Malih-Helow (Judy)
Manzano, Red
Manzano, Yellow
MoA Scotch Bonnet (Judy)
Monkey Face (Bhut Camp)
Moruga Chocolate (Judy)
Negro Chilhuacle
Negro de Arbol
Not Chocolate Barrackpore (Bhut Camp)
Orange Thai (cmp)
Paper Lantern
Peach Lightening Habanero (cmp)
Piment d Espellete seeds from ristra from Espellete city (MarcV)
Rain Forest (Wicked Mike)
Red Savina
Red Thai
SBJ7 (Judy, Bhut Camp)
Tath Sus (Judy)
Tepin x Lemon Drop (cmp)
Urfa Biber
Yellow Fatalii

HERE are some wilds, I have limited seeds but willing to share:
cabai burung
cap 214 (slp)
cap 215 (c2c) cap 1141 (slp)
cap 1144 (capcom)
cap 501
cap 524 (slp)
cap 539
cap 691
cap 1466
cgn 19198
cgn 20510
cgn 22795
cgn 23211
cgn 24360 (capcom)
cgn 17000, christmas baby
cgn 17020
cgn 21554
chacoense, misc.
chiltepin amarillo (slp)
chiltepin tucson (slp)
CO 4392
Cumari, true
cumari do para
cumari pollux
duke pequin
eximium (slp)
c. flexuosum (jamie)
florida wild
galapagoense (slp)
galap long (slp)
lanceolatum (slp)
madre de rios (slp)
misc. chacoense
PI 260427
PI 439528
PI 596059
c. parvifolium, not true
c. praetermissum (slp)
tepin, black
tepin, wild
tepin, yellow
c. tovarii (grant)
wiri wiri (capcom, wiriwiri)
yellow fire (slp)
zimbabwe bird, iso (mpicante)

Maybe a few other seeds....

If you want to get into carnivorous plants, I can send a cutting from my prolific Pitcher Plant.


Aren't peppers fascinating?