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  • Hey mate, yeah for sure that would be great if you could do a review for me. Ive been flat out here for a bit so apologies for not getting back to you. If you drop me your addy I'll get a bottle out to you. Thanks heaps for your help, and I do hope you enjoy!
    @Nate: thanks bro but I'm gonna be up to my ears in habs and scorps soon anyway. Plus I ordered 3 naga morich plants from ccn. Rain check for when I ruin my whole crop??

    @ my Otha island brotha: I seen him before and talked to him on the phone, never tried his seeds tho.

    Anyone interested in seeds from this hybrid thing I grew from eBay, lemme know. It's actually REALLY fvcking hot. Example: made a pizza with 1 finely chopped and mixed with the cheese...instant hiccups, snot and sweat. Drank from a plastic cup to wash it down and let the cup sit on the stove while I got some tissues (lol)...wife came and put the cup in the sink, 30 minutes later she finds me in the garage, cheek and right eye vibrantly red, she goes, "what the fvck else did you touch in the house?" lmao!
    On that one specifically, I bought it in July last year. Alltogether I have been riding foralmost 10 years. That's my first Harley tho. Been a crotch rocket guys mostly.
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