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  • he he you will be fine..its no a major burner but it does have a fair whack to it....enjoy! And thanks once again!
    Hello Dave! Well I received the sauce!! YAY! Thank You!! I will be doing the review soon but I gotta admit I am nervous because it has so many hot peppers in it lol! Thank You again!
    Hey Gabby, I'll sort my inbox and wait for your addy...Thanks for your help and I hope you like it. The labels were done by a student at my school...a youth at risk school for kids who are having troubles.
    well I went to your site and I was debating between the Hot Chocolate and the Rectal Tears. And I would LOVE to try and give a review on the Hot Chocolate, I am curious to what the taste would be since it has honey. ^_^ I would like to send you the address but your inbox is full lol!
    Hey mate, thanks for your interest...let me know which one you would like to do and ill get it out to you, also just fling me your addy. Thanks mate
    Cool man i hate it when i forget stuff! I have got them seeds dried out and i made some Douglah powder last night so i will pop some of that in there too, have a great day Dave.
    Hey Dave i got the powders that you sent today mate, thankyou very much! Now i have to ask you a question. Last night by chance i found an envelope addressed to yourself with a stamp and all, the thing is i cannot remember what it was i was sending you :oops: Let me know what it was so i can send it out for you mate and i am awefully sorry for the delay. I will let you know how your powder goes too and try and give hippy a taste at the end of the month too. :cheers:
    Only Congo and Scorpion red and yellow plus douglah but i only have one plant and 2 seeds so im hanging onto them ...but chasing some more if you have any?
    yo scorpion,

    just sent u a message for the 2nd time. my sent items list still shows zero mesages sent... dunno if its workin or not. Let me know if u get it. Rob
    Not getting enough time to visit this site. I'm still interested in catching up sometime but will have to wait till wife and kid back from abroad in mid march. I'm working 7 days till then. My seven little chili plants can't keep up with my demands and I check every day for the next juicy red one, maybe I'll have to stop putting them on my cornflakes!
    Cheers paul
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