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  • Thanks again my friend,No I didn't have Slatki Feferoni.
    Take care my friend!!!!!
    Vladan, glad they have arrived... Feel free to distribute the seeds as you may want later on - regarding my crosses they are not stabilized and anything you may come up with will thus partly be your creation...
    Did you already have Sladki Feferoni"? I remember they were quite early, heavy yielding and very easy to dry...
    Hey Donnie
    Received the seeds from you today.Thank you very much!!!
    Question : Any of those seeds you send me is ok to spread or sell later in the future? Those "Slatki Fifironi" are from my old country of Serbia.
    What ever you see on my internet site you don't have let me know will send it to you for free my friend.
    Hi Vladan.

    I will not forget you - but season here is just coming to an end with first night frosts setting in. Since I live in a very short season area, some seeds are still lying around everywhere to dry properly.

    Would you still just like me to pick out some varieties - or do you have any specific wishes? I am going away on vacation friday and when I come back a good week later, I will get your seeds in the mail...

    Hi Donnie!
    Any peppers of those ripe yet ?
    Don't forget about me my friend.
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