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  • Sweet Ela. The Bear Claw was delectably divine. Thanks! Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year to you too. I'm glad you enjoyed some sweet goodies from my bakery.Hope next time they would be fresher. :)))))))))))))
    Ok by guys have a yard full of deer and time to shoot.Talk to you tomorrow and no i`m not answering Jack now! :P Rich
    No but my typing will never get any better if the 2 of you can keep going in circles!lol I will bet you LOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE your job though!
    Ok 610 and stilllllll no tag team!I`ve done my best to be a pain but damn if yall ddn`t win and the dobie killing my 1 finger typing backs me. :P night
    Ok so as I just with your co hort--330 and no tag team!I feel so abused and well ------ 1 finger happy! :P
    Well if your doing beads they better be olive drab,tan and red cedar . R
    Hey just checking in and No kleenex is not in the mail! As for pics from my fishing trip-- Did I somehow get canned for Jacks facebook site?Just went to update and nothing. :( R
    Now that`s just wrong!You sent maya the seasoning! I cook more3 than her ! :( Ok so what did the Jack do?Gotta know-- The pepper has to know! LOL R
    Well a box showed up today in the mail.You have sealed my future.Cookies will see to it that I~ll shut up.Maya is gonna go nuts!The seeds rock and they will get planted next season.Thank you!When the anaheims have dried a lil I`ll get them out to you for your next season.So is big guy still dealing with the 20 flats ?lol Night and thanks Rich
    Thank you for the int rate but I have the prob as --I gotta get up for work.As I told chris I was really only wanting the 2 orange being as I have them here and no id.Would love to add them to my list but couldn`t do that .So is Jack sweating the comp looking at peppers yet? LOL
    Hey wanted to say THANK YOU for all help you brought for me with the admin.I`ll say I did send a i`m sorry message and Mean It and hope I never get myself back into this but -- I still think I was right as I said.Next time I start putting foot in mouth--You know how to shoot- bust me in the arse! R Night to you and the fam. Rich
    Hey just being nosey but trying to find out how yall are.I`ll e-mail jack but thought i`d give you the 1 up.But you are suppose to answer.Hope you are well and want to hear back. Rich
    So we now a 2nd god or ess here huh?Welcome and let the guy know,,He`s gotta be nicer to the minions .Oh yea welcome I`ve been asking for the pansy seeds for months now! :)
    Oh no not 2 of you!lol Do you know he uses miricle grow?lol Welcome and hope you can keep the other half in line.God knows all he does is tease and then hurt us.Keep in touch Rich
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