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  • Now it shows up, i can actually remember a bit about the addy, was it C/O a shoe shop? I am pretty sure it was although that could have been someone else.
    Hey mate i would have just used whatever name and address you gave me i imagine. I don't keep details of people that i send stuff to so i can't even cross check.
    Let me know what it is that didn't get there and i will send out some replacements for you, i have had a couple of O/S parcels go missing lately.
    facebook mode? =p
    Hey franzb69.
    Hows it going?
    Question. Have you use fish emulsion with new growth??
    Heres the page for the 2 guys eating the dorset naga. When on youtube just type "Worlds Hottest Chili Test- The Dorset Naga". I subcribe to their vids...
    my fish emulsion does great for my tomato plants. :)
    Hey bro, all your stuff will leave tomorrow so you should see it in a couple of weeks. :D
    So you are one of the younger members of the forum i take it! Thats cool you are getting into it at a younger age than most (assuming that i am assuming right lol)

    Since you are so keen i will put some dried douglah pods in there too and some powder. 6 different ones, scorpion, barrackpore,douglah,choc hab,yellow mix (Bonda ma jacque+Fatalii+yellow congo+yellow 7-pod), Naga

    Get ready to burn your ass off!
    Hey buddy, these are the seeds that i am sending you. They are bagged ready to be sent Monday.


    Melt down habernero
    Aji lemon
    Yellow 7-pod
    Goats weed
    Douglah 7-pod (cant even buy these hahahaha)
    7-pod Jonah
    Barrackpore 7-pod

    Roma VF
    Green zebra
    Heinz 1370
    Hey Francis if you would like me to send you a variety of seeds (7-pods, Bonda ma jacques, Naga etc) pm me with your address. I would be happy to share the wealth that is chilli seeds!
    I cannot garuntee that they will grow true to form but i have only ever experienced one cross with my seeds.

    Also let me know if you like Tomatoes as i have a few different varities of those as well, no trade or payment needed.

    Your friend in growing
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