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    Please Help My Countrymen - Donate!

    just upping this, help is still needed.   thank you!
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    Typhoon relief. ... Please make an effort to..

    hey friend, already posted a link for this. but thanks anyway! =D
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    ajijoe's wife is coming home!!

    thank god joe! 
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    Please Help My Countrymen - Donate!

    thank you very much ocho cinco.    very much appreciated.  
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    Please Help My Countrymen - Donate!

    I know i haven't exactly been active here for the past few years, but a certain dire situation has come to my country and my people and I need your help.       the destruction and amount of losses are immeasurable by the super typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda. I would like to ask all of you out of the...
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    MY WIFE HAS LEFT ME friday morning

    sorry to hear that joe, i know you have been a good friend to me. although i don't have much to offer, i can lend and ear if you wanna talk.
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    cutlery Your favorite kitchen knifes...

    check hattori on
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    blenders Commercial Immersion blenders

    yeah i've used robot coupe stuff for a while. they're awesome and powerful. tough stuff too. costs a lot but it pays itself after a while.
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    Calling all Cast Iron Chefs

    if only shipping to my country when buying vintage cast iron wouldn't cost so much...... =(
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    Meat Slicers. Deli Slicers.

    would love to have a deli slicer eventually.
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    Scrapers and other kitchen utencils that don't retain the heat

    silicon based scrapers? =D
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    cutlery Sharpening Kitchen Knives - How to's

    many people that likes finer finish on their knives love to use strops. i use strops on most of my knives. i'm more of a stone person really.
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    cutlery Sharpening Kitchen Knives - How to's

    sharp makers are okay but they can't set a bevel once you get the knife's edge rounded enough that it needs setting a bevel and actually REALLY needing to sharpen it on a stone. stones / diamond plates are absolutely necessary. and yes, i agree. whatever works for you is how one should do it. =D
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    blenders Quality immersion blenders?

    for 3-5 gallon batches, you'll need a really big commercial type of immersion blender. it will save you time for sure. that is if you do it a lot. it'll cost a pretty penny but it does a great job. a quick google on commercial larger size immersion blenders will give you a bunch of good ones...
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    cutlery Sharpening Kitchen Knives - How to's

    i have no experience with those but if it works for you, who am i to argue? =D i just got myself an edge pro and i haven't had time to tinker around with it, i don't have the good kind of stones yet so i'm just gonna wait til i buy a set of stones for them that can actually sharpen my knives...