Feb 26, 1988 (Age: 36)
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Research Analyst Assistant
Hello Gaby here. I am Mexican but living in the U.S.A. I own a 5.0 mustang that takes me where I want in a quick manner haha. Okay so the story of how I ended up on this forum... As a Mexican we use chili peppers in most of our food dishes but I had never really eaten chili just for the heck of it. One day my boyfriend picked a few Cortez Mexican peppers from my house and had it with his meal he started to love peppers with flavor or with out hot or not hot and so he began to grow them (this year) and now he buys different kinds of chillis and well he asks me to try them.
Recently he bought a sauce from thehippyseed and had me try it with him and it was pretty good and I just started to taste and eat that stuff. Then Nova sent him some powdered hot peppers and well I tasted 2 of them for the first time on video and then posted it up on youtube. Now I am going to start to taste other peoples sauces (if you want send it my way) and other peppers and sauces.
Anyways I know it's already long so I am going to staop BUT not going to stop eating good peppers :)
Favorite Food
In N Out hamburger, Steak and Mexican Food
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
Favorite Hot Pepper
Any that give really good flavor such as the Yellow 7 :)
Favorite BBQ Sauce
A1 Sauce babay! (regular and chunky)
Favorite BBQ Food
Ribs and Steak Yumm :p
Grow List
One Dorset Naga
One Thai Dragon
One Casabella
One Hungarian Black
Two Cortez Mexican :)
Seeds Wanted
I need seeds. Any. ^_^
Seeds Available For Trade
They are still growing but will be able to trade when they have pods.
Anything Else
I Wrestle.