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  • Keep up the good work! I'm right there with ya with a bad back. You have quite the grow list. Nice!
    I see that you posted on a fishing thread. A friend of peppers AND fishing is a friend of mine!
    Hey jackie how did your red savina ` s due this season?By chance can you trade/sell a few?
    Pleaseeeee. lol Thanks rich
    Ok well i`m bad..By chance did I ignore a post from you about trading.I do have the carribean spice seeds and --- well I suck. lol If you still want some let me know and i`ll try to answer for a change! lol Have a great 1 Rich
    Heyya jackie how`s it going?Well if you are interested in trading let me know.I know you have way more than me but--- lol i`m not too much a man to beg! lol Have a great 1 R
    looking 4 crazy hot seeds or dry pepper pods that would get me started i would luv 2 get my heands on sum from around the world im a newbie i thx you
    Hey jackie just checking in to see whats going on.have a great 1 and talk to you soon. Rich
    Hi Jackie, pod package is on the way. I hope they make a nice addition to your salsa and your garden. Some of the devils tounge are kinda small now but some of the nagas are real clunkers. They were open pollonated, but grouped togather by type. You were right no frost here yet. I hope it holds I still have a ton of pods. Thanks again for your help. Chad
    Hey well since last post I can now add--- dorset naga and bhut jolokia.More to come as the kids put out. R
    Hi Jackie, sorry for the delay I have been so busy looking at forums I missed your reply. I have 10 nagas getting red and 10 devils tounges ready. I will send them out Friday. I would love to try the 7-pod brain strain and the douglah if you can. Thanks Jackie! Chad Soleski 1628 N. 53rd street Milwaukee WI 53208
    Hey there and here`s a few more that came from the green house.
    Ring of fir cayanne
    aji dulce
    carribean spice
    ancho gigantea
    more mustard habs
    atomic starfish.
    Yea some of these are a lil cheesey but another 10 varieties.Have a great 1 and talk to you soon. Rich
    Hey I think I just sent you a basic list.If you didn`t get let me know and i`ll find a 10yr old thats capable of doing IT. lol R
    I will have a list to you this weekend at the latest.Sorry for the delay but have set up to have no seeds over a year old .This year was kind dissapointing losing over 20 types due to age.I`ll send you the list and hope to help to get another good one going.Have a great night and talk to you soon. Rich
    Ok i`m finally back and ---- do you want to try a seed parcel?I`ve got as of now about 40 big hots and 20 or so mild hot.Let me know and would love to get involved.I can send you a list tomorrow of what I can add.
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