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  • Greetings from Texas ,

    How are the Fatalii peppers doing for you ? I'm just now getting ripe ones. But they are orange and not yellow like the peppers the seeds came from ???? They taste the same and that's the most important thing to me.

    Peace ,
    ha ha ha

    i just read the e-mail, and that was quite

    the link didnt open to the actual thread... i cant seem to find it either..

    i would love to see the ripe pepper...thanks SAK,lol
    The good news from Prescott is that we have a seven pot that popped out today. 2 more waiting. I wanted to start a few early as to get a jump on the season. will start a new run in mid feb.
    Trust all is well in the upper flatland
    Stay warm-
    Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon... Keep the Habs out of your eyes! As far as the bleach goes just let the seeds dry out. It helps in a few ways. Keep fungus and rot at bay also helps break down the covering of the seed to help speed up germination. Happy to know the seeds made it and that the powder can also be used as a eye wash ;)
    Thanks a lot for the seeds! I appreciate that! Can't wait to grow them!!! Cheers!
    Hey man just dropping in to say thanks again. Next year just can't come fast enough, so a couple of those seeds may just end up in a hydro system indoors. I keep telling myself I'm going to use that powder on something but instead I just keep eating it out of the bag lol. Its awesome stuff. Hopefully I'll have something worth sending your way next year.
    Hey there Sheldon old buddy old pal, this site and the people here are just awesome. It's bloody great to "meet" peeps that are not fakers or posers, it feels like family:)
    Your generousity has been duly noted by the varies gods and you shall recieve a bountiful harvest from here on in!!

    I did not have a seed mailing list before but i do now, and guess who is on top!! I will be sure to send you any seeds that i get my hands on (varieties that you want of course:) )

    Chillies and the people that eat and grow them rock!!!!
    I'm glad that you get seeds Cveta hot is my hybrid you might like it Mustard Habanero is very hot & tasty hope you like both. Take care my friend!
    Just wanted to say thanks one more time! I guess you will be on our Christmas card list for years and years to come. May good things keep coming your way. If you would like to try our orange habs just say the word. As we live at about 5500ft above sea level we thought years ago that if we just use last years seed we would one day have a mile high pepper. What we seem to always get is just darn good habs. So like I said we gotem if you would like em .
    Thanks ever so much
    The Beerys
    Hi Sheldon!
    Receivd the seeds from you I sending you some Mustard Habanero & Cveta hot F-2 of my cross.
    Thanks again!!!!!

    I'm glad that you received the envelope safe and sound and are enjoying the seven pod. Thanks for leaving the message on my profile.
    Haha, yeah, its really an extreme chili :D Amazing in so many ways.

    I had to taste it! I just chopped of a tiny tiny bit and put it in my mouth. Immidietly i burned my tongue and had to spit it out! I chopped one of the pieces into extremely small pieces and smelled it. I had to make a sauce out of it.

    I used the same recipe that i always do, the same recipe that i used yesterday for my cayennes. I was amazed by the result! The 7-pod was loaded with taste and made the sauce totally different from the batch i made yesterday. The taste reminds alot of when i make the sauce with Scotch Bonnet but with even more intense flavour. Since i only used a small piece of 7-pod the sauce is still eatable for newbies and still has the great taste from the 7-pod!!!

    Tomorrow i hopefully will get the 100 empty bottles ive ordered. And later this week ill make a big batch with ~60 bottles from this years harvest. I only wish i had some more 7-pod instead of the boring ones im going to cook with :)

    Now im about to take a tablespoon of 7-pod sauce, brush my teath, go to bed and dream about ripe pods - whispering my name :D

    Take care!

    What a wonderful surprise when i got home today. A letter from Canada!? I opened it carefully and there it was: The 7-Pot! :D

    I opened the zip lock bag and smelled the pod. Lethal! Somehow after just handling the envelope and bag ive burnt my lip. Dont know how but i have :D Im gonna make a bottle of tasty sauce with the dried 7-pot. I guess what was in the package will be more than enough for som deadly sauce :)

    Cant wait to grow some plants from the seeds, but i guess ill have to wait for a while. Ive just moved to my new apartment and almost all chillies was butchered :(

    It also came in a good time for my 30th birthday!

    Thanx alot!
    Hey Sheldon, glad you liked the pickeled peppers. I got thinking after you left that I might just have to try and overwinter 1 or 2 of those scorpions. I will drop you a note when I get some ripe naga's and others. Take care.
    Hi PrairieChilihead,

    Glad to see you found this place. Go introduce yourself in the welcome-thread. I promise you alot of nice chiliheads will welcome you! :)

    /roddelona @ youtube
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