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    vendor TexasHotPeppers

    THP is awesome. Second favorite US vendor after WHP. I ordered recently and got a bunch of freebies, including tomato seeds. My order before that with them included some tomato seeds, so I grew them out this summer - got me into growing tomatoes now too. Their germ rates are top shelf...
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    music Cover Songs

    Prince melts the universe at 3:28
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    Who do you trust for Pepper Info...

      1. Yeah - there is a literal trove of information on here going back a decade (or more, not sure).  I think this place can't be beat for info if we're talking venues outside of YouTube.   2. I've lurked on some of the pepper sub-reddits or discord channels over the past year, but I don't find...
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    Who do you trust for Pepper Info...

    Havent been active on the forums for a while, but back when I started really getting into peppers during my second grow season in 2014, this was the place I turned to in order to get my information. This, old youtube pod reviews (Nigels channel being one), and Khang Starrs youtube channel for...
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    Best pepper varieties for small containers?

    Thanks for more ideas AJ. Im all about cheap. No need to spend a lot of cash on plastic pots at Home Depot when we can use makeshift ones that cost pennies. Plants dont care if it is an actual pot, a grocery bag, or whatever.
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    Best pepper varieties for small containers?

    LoL. Wouldnt classify 2 gallons as a small container either. I grow exclusively out of containers (reusable grocery bags actually - cheap and do the trick). Basically check out my grow list and seed list. All those varieties yielded massive harvests out of containers. If I had to choose 1...
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    vendor Most Trusted Online Seed Sources
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    Fish Pepper pod test

    Hippy is awesome, but if youre in US and want this variety, its more economical to go here; Baker Creek (not to be confused with bakers peppers) has top shelf reputation for heirloom varieties such as Fish. NM - just realized youre speaking about orange...
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    Carolina Cayenne

    Modified post above. Noticed the technicality. THP - agreed - if similar to Charleston then they are discernably different in both look, taste, and heat from run of the mill cayenne. No comparison. If southern exposure is selling them as a different variety, I believe them. They are legit IMO.
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    Carolina Cayenne

    Those look like Charleston Red Hots ^^^ But then I saw this, so guess it is its own variety. I grew the Charleston red hots last summer from this seed stock...
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    White, crystal-like stuff on underside of leaves?

    I have that every time I start my plants in doors, which leads me to believe it may be a mold of some kind due to poor air circulation and humidity. Or edema. However, it goes away and becomes a non-factor once the plants go outdoors.
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    What becomes of the surplus harvest?

    Im moving out of my apartment and literally found pounds of dehydrated peppers zip locked from past harvests. In short, I have no idea what to do with them.
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    music What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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    music What Are You Listening To Right Now?