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    Who are they?

    Who are they?
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    Matt's Yellow Brain Strain Hydro Grow

    I would put it back into the tray with the other RW cubes. Once you have roots coming out of the RW thats when you want to plant it into your hydro system.
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    indoor Air Cooled 600w HPS Tent w/ Under Current Hydro System

    I copied this from another site. Noticed your using an exhale bag. Another great way to maximize your yield is to increase the amount of C02 in your growing environment. You probably already know that plants need it for photosynthesis, but you may not know that all plants today are really under...
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    Naganumbness holiday garden video 2011

    Wow still have plants going in December! Can they make it all year round in GA? Argo looks awesome.
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    auction *closed*Dehydrated pods auction

    the auction was closed at 10:02 pst. bootsieb was the only one bidding on the 21st. he out bidded himself . thanks for letting me know how to edit this.
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    auction *closed*Dehydrated pods auction

    *****Auction closed************ Congrats Bootsieb!
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    Pssst Wanna Buy an Eight Ball?

    Wow awesome of you Patrick!!
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    indoor Air Cooled 600w HPS Tent w/ Under Current Hydro System

    Looks good! We do have similair set ups!
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    BigCedars SuperHot Grow 2012

    Cool B looks like your going at it like a pro! this will be a fun thread to follow.
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    auction *closed*Dehydrated pods auction

    LOL well if you'd like to do that I of course would not argue with you. Hour and 23 minues if you want to let it ride. Its almost like your daring them to outbid you for me though. that was intense I am going to go have a cigarette lol.
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    auction *closed*Dehydrated pods auction

    At work seems strange to close it early but nothign else comes close. SOLD Any body know how to change the title to offer closed or over?
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    auction *closed*Dehydrated pods auction

    Awesome guys! Only two and a half hours left! Yes Bootsieb has a US address for shipping so his bid does count. I just put the two together and count it as a bid for $80. Great package for 80 bucks!
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    overwintering My Over Wintering Project

    Haha wow sorry Patrick totally forgot to paste the link, here it is:
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    yes. I can not leave a comment on your page pi! Will the world end in 365 days?
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    auction *closed*Dehydrated pods auction

    Wow thanks for all the bids guys!!