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  • I bet you that you're dmentia never made you forget where mel is!

    But I will keep that in mind. Sorry.
    You are kidding, right? It's probably been mentioned more than twenty times!!!

    WHERE DID YOU THINK I WAS???????????????
    I came across a link to your recipes in the Tadka Dal thread. I will check out the site.
    I was looking at Who's Online and saw that one of the "guests" was reading a thread. It was my first ever post and I revived the thread and it got deleted. Nostalgia and now it's gone. Boo Hoo. I get bored at times and find these old posts when using the search function or viewing the guests .

    The Social Forums need more activity. I am stuck here and want a little fun!
    and you should still post in the fun zone... there shouldnt be any reason to stop.. dont worry about anyone else, keep yourself entertained!
    yeah back on the drink :P not too much though :P i know your not travelling, i meant how are you going? :D
    thanks NJA!!! I've been really busy with the new job and am exhausted when i get home.. this week's been good though :) how are you travelling?
    Nice to hear. I'm thinking of deleting the Mother's Day thread. I'm missing my mom, the best person ever to grace this planet and wanted to hear some nice things, not debate if it is a greeting card industry holiday.

    Enjoy what is left of the day!
    thanks for the nice comments about the vid NJA.. you will be pleased to hear that i didnt even take one sip of milk or any other coolant!! granted i only did half of one but i was still pretty happy with my effort!
    Hello. Spent most of the time offline and still feel unaccomplished. They took in my wheelchair to repair and I was stuck with the spare which is REALLY crappy! And it turned out that the person who does it wan't available. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH!!!!!!!!

    I hope that your day is better.
    i dont want to steal hippy's thunder, but go to youtube and search for the hippyseedco and you'll see it there :)
    Just got back online. Dang, almost 1:20 CDT. Where did the time go? At least I didn't have to visit the Insomnia Thread! I 'm having orange and spice tea with clover honey. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

    I'm having a great day, hope you are also. I'll be popping in and out.

    Time for soothing music and self reflection.
    No green tea here. Which sounds best... black, vanilla caramel, lemon ginger or mint?
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