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  • I can't beat you at what?

    It's rainy and cold. I just want to drink some more tea and snuggle under the blanket. Too bad I have stuff to do both off and online. Still searching for a place to reside.
    We all are... but I am the closest person to perfection that has ever existed. Except for my mom!

    Even a genius makes mistakes.
    Are you teasing me? A VM is what you just sent, a visitor's message. A pm is a private message.
    I only sent the vm, not a pm, unless that is what you meant to say. I saw the same thing you did when I was going to ask mel if she had heard from gas...

    It was meant to be seen because it was a vm. If the intent was not to be seen it would have been a pm.

    Or did you know before hand that it was there? Never mind.

    I think I have been a source of annoyance to you to no end.
    I will try and stop being a bother.

    NJA "

    "To no end" is a bit excessive, I think. Please just understand that it's difficult to understand one's intentions based solely on something they typed.

    I mean you no disrespect and I hope you will try to understand....although I don't wish to elaborate further, as apparently, someone is just dying to find every word I leave here.


    he's only joking cause i put u and pi and him in a threesome (as a JOKE!!) dont be a cranky pants about it!!
    Hey NJA.. how are your new sauce experimentations coming?? planning on sending a sample to AUS?? :) hope all is well :)
    Is your new avatar a pic of your granddaughter? She looks like a friend of mine from grade school.
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