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    health What’s wrong with my plant? It’s dying.

    I did post a photo with the original post. Weird. Ill try again.
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    health What’s wrong with my plant? It’s dying.

    Any idea if I can save this plant? Brown spots everywhere. Leaves keep falling off.
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    What tha hell is eating my peppers?

    Is this a caterpillar or a disease? Is the bug inside? Can I still eat this poor baby?
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    Peppers with No Heat?

    I grew a jolokia plant and it produced only two peppers because I have been lacking sufficient care. But im sure it should have had atleast 10 scovilles rights? i mean, a garlic clove had more spice than this. I even had some habaneros that grew wildly on my property with absolutely zero care...
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    One days harvest

    nice harvest man! the yellow 7's have a great color. almost like candy.
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    Does Neem Oil Expire?

    Ok, so will a high concentration of neem oil burn my plants? i was using a fabreeze spray bottle and i put 1 and a half spoons of neem oil and some dishwashing soap. i fill the bottle with water but not all the way to the top. is this too much?
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    seeds Germinating experiment: cups vs bags

    Sorry if i missed this reading the thread, but how long did it take to germinate all 5 seeds?
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    Completely Overwhelmed by Potting Mix Choices

    All these great answers and choices are still overwhelming. lol. just try some of the methods that have been mentioned, and find what works best for you. try two at the same time so you can compare results.
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    seeds Help Germinating....

    Most people go with the paper towel method. like many said, its "fool-proof' what I personally do is soak the seeds in water for exatly 24hours, then put them in soil. try this if you happen to be the first person to mess up the towel method. lol. and yes,make sure the soil is a warm 85 degrees.
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    Habanero Leaf Curl

    natures way of sticking out her hands and catching some rainfall.
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    Sprouts !

    are those soil meatballs?
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    What the @#$%!

    if its smelling like poo, then there might not be enough oxygen in the soil. im guessing, like when your making compost (or was it compost tea), if it starts to smell funky, then you need to give it more air.
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    Homemade Hoop House Plans?

    lol no i didnt level anything. there was a big bump towards the right side of the yard so I moved it more left, and it leveled out much better. i can see small amounts of light shining through in a couple places here and there but I figure, ill just stuff some sand underneath. whatever. with the...