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  • i think you should be sharing your secret ingredient!!! :D along with the recipe :D
    dont worry about your photos!! mine look much better in real life and your stroganoff sounds tasty :D
    it does tend to be better the next day :D what's your next cooking adventure going to be??

    very quiet forum tonight :D all the aussies are recovering from their weekends i think!

    why didnt you put in an entry to the throwdown? from the looks of it there is giong to be about 30 entries!
    that really is not good! make yourself a nice breakfast sammich and submit it to the throwdown!
    Hey i just remembered, i had a mate around yesterday looking through my plants and i mentioned that i was doing a trade with you and that you wanted Bhut seeds. Turns out he has some that i gave him around 8 months ago.
    I will get some off him and get them on their merry way to you.
    Yeah because the strongest thing that you drink is a double Earl Grey!! I really should take a leaf out of your book and have a cup of tea instead of my 50th beer. :D
    My head hurts. I am at work but i wish i was still in bed :lol: Thank fuk it's friday..
    they are.. but i love my macbook :( way too expensive though.. lucky i got it through work as a tax deduction!! otherwise there'd be no way i'd pay the price i did :D
    yeah i know what you mean.. that small screen mucks things up.. its bad enough on this 10" screen i'm on atm.. hopefully will have my 17" back next week! damn apple!
    thats not good.. i hope the surgery goes well for you.. at least you'll have lots of THP to catch up on during your recovery stage (that may, or may not be a good thing!)
    packing is no fun at all.. unpacking just as not fun.. you moving?? i still have boxes packed from our last move and that was nearly 5 years ago!!
    I know I know......You even gave me the heads up and I let you down........:lol:

    Can you ever forgive me???
    the chips did go in the oven if that makes a difference :D i still have enough bolegnese sauce in the freezer now for at least two more meals + the lasagne tonight!
    LOL - no :D i cook up on sunday so its easier to make dinner through the week.. lasagne again tonight i'm afraid as i cant be bothered being creative.. might have salad with it instead to balance it out :D
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